Assorted, August 2. Old stuff, new orange roadini, photos

Posted on August 02 2018

Assorted, August 2. Old stuff, new orange roadini, photos


and the close-up:

Now, we don't know when or for absolute sure that the XD crank is going way up in price, but our source is totally reliable. If they do go up, great for you if you get one here at the disco-price. If they don't go up, well--the discounted price is our personal stabbing for coercing you into a panic buy, if that's what it amounts to.

Normal price XD crank, doubles or triples: $156

Discounted 20 percent: $124

For 46x36x24 TRIPLES, Click HERE to go to the online page.


And for some reason the 48x34 COMPACT DOUBLE costs more ($170), but I doubt our  price is outrageous even before the discount, and heck, we'll throw that into the discount tank, too, so  it's only $124. Click HERE for that page.



I know what you're thinking—is Rivendell advocating wooden rims, now? No, I was digging around for something else and found this negatlve in an envelope with a bunch of other out-takes from the 1994 Bstone catalog photo shoot. Kim founded BICAS (Bicycle Inter-Community Action and Salvage) in Tucson back around then and I watched her true a rear wheel on a Bstone carbon bike around then, too, and as I recall she WAS working on this wheel. She edited me by when I was writing the Bstone cats, and the current one, too (as did Evan and Kate).  It was by phone, I haven't seen her since '93, but she's still around.

One of the BICAS students, Mario Lizarazu, went on to work in shops, and recently opened his own:

He has our logo on his site, and has a 59 Clem L, I think--not for sale, I think. I don't exactly know. Anyway, I've told Mario that he can sell our bikes if he wants, but I think it's mostly a service shop. He is reputed to be a crackerjack mechanic.

The shop was the old Wheelsmith shop in Palo Alto. Owners Jon and Ric Hjertberg had the most woodenly, glowy, tidy, fascinating and photogenic bike shop around, and were nice enough to let us use it. This photo was taken with a Yashica T4, 35mm. The winning cover photo below was shot by Bob Schenker with a Pentax 6x7, and shows Robert (who has worked here 16+ years) measuring good ol' Q-Factor.



Speaking of photographs, here's a phone-o-graph of Eben Weiss's super incredible latest book: The Ultimate Bicycle Owner's Manual. When U-Buy a bike from us from this day forward and at least thru the end of 2018, one will come with it, and if you don't get one with it, call and require it:

I and we here @ RBW were working on a book kind of like this, but it wouldn't have been this good.



 Scott's on his CLEM L 64cm.



We got in the orange Sam 51s and the Leo's yesterday. Here's Will assembling:

The finished bike:

 With Albastace bars. It feels terrific.

 Hear's a rider's-eye-vu of the bars. I wrapped them and twined them. I know, not everybody's cup of tea, but we sell bar tape a roll at a time, so I don't see any benefit in all one color if you like two. Grey and blue both look good, and look good together.



Here's an alternative way to deal with the cable housing. Keep it outside. The practice of wrapping it evolved when housings were long and floppy--like especially those stainless coiled Campy housings of the ancient days of yore. You had to constrain them under tape. Modern housing is almost as stiff as a stick, but the underwrapping continues because I don't know why--maybe because people like to hide things. It "looks cleaner," which is another way of saying---oh, forget it. Anyway, doing it like this means that if you ever need to get at the housing you have better access. It feels 98 percent the same. It never causes a problem, and it makes the bike less mysterioius. But we don't do it this way for you unless you ask.


It's a tig-welded head tube with reinforcing rings. Looks good, makes sense.

The orange is brilliant and with a slight sparkle. It's deeper than "Eddy Merckx orange,"  pretty close to XO-1 orange (old Bstone model), tho that wasn't the target.

We have about 4 of these in the range of sizes: 47. 50. 54  57  61.


We'll build up a Sam., too.


THis one is our demo 57. It IS for sale, $2100 with the saddle, $2000 without. Within a few days it will have been ridden by STRANGERS with no sweat and clean hands. Or we can build you one up straight, with any bar you like, any tape, any anything.  If you're interested in this one, talk to Will. Basically, the specs:

Sugino 48x34 double with 12-36 9sp, Shimano BES, Jack Brown Greens on A23 Velocity rims, Deore rear, Albastache, Shimano levers and brakes. It needs a gray and a blue Banana sack, or one or the other. We could fender it, but it's August...




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