Who rides an Atlantis? - Earl does

Posted on January 04 2021

Who rides an Atlantis? - Earl does


Name:  Earl Craig

Job:  Farrier

Years riding:  Since I was a kid in 70s. 

How you got started riding:  My first bike was a Huffy Bandit (if not familiar, do Google).  You like a nice upright position?  No Problem—Riv should get Nitto to make copies of the “Huffy Bandit Bar”.  Expecting mud?  Take a look at those fenders.  Getting foggy?  Mine had “simulated fog lamps.” Need to pick up a friend (or 2) on your way to the pool?  The Bandit had a long rubber bench for a seat.  Also an airfoil on handlebars, and gold rims and cranks, the bike was obscene.  After my Bandit Days I rode BMX for a while, was obsessed with bikes, the smell of bike shops (the grease, the rubber)… would stare into glass cabinets at stems, at chainrings, at brake levers… and monthly I’d wait by the mailbox for the mailman (Joe Veda) to bring the latest copy of BMX ACTION, which I would read very carefully cover to cover.

Typical ride:  I sometimes still take a bike in pickup to a trailhead and ride trails, but mostly I love riding the gravel/dirt roads right from the house.  They go on forever, in multiple directions.  Black cows and blue skies.  Very little contact with automobiles.  In winter it’s lots of snowy rides with the dog.  Big mittens.  Balaclava.

Dream ride:  That Tuscany Trail ride!  I’ve been reading about that a lot lately this winter for some reason.  But maybe I’m kidding myself.

Riding goal: Start doing some overnights, get used to packing gear, learn what all’s needed, and maybe do a little touring here in Montana. 

Why this bike?:  I wanted something sturdy (and glorious) that could accommodate fatter tires and take a load well.  Have always loved the Atlantis, and this new model with longer wheelbase intrigued me.  I wanted something that felt like a cross between a touring bike and a mountain bike.  I’ve had this bike for 3 months now (actually its a year now.. Earl submitted this a loooong time ago) and I’m loving it.

Favorite Book:  Oh man, so hard to say… but Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian is fantastic.

Favorite Movie:  Same problem as above… hmm… Kubrick’s Dr. Strangeloveis great.  And Jim Jarmusch films.  And Werner Herzog.

Favorite Food:  There’s nothing wrong with a nice sourdough waffle with bacon and eggs.

Thanks Earl! Its always fun to see your pictures of Montana while you’re out on the bike.

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