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Will's 61.5cm Homer

96.5cm PBH - 84.5cm saddle height. This is my second Homer, my first was a MUSA one. That was a fantastic bike but I much prefer the six degree upslope and slightly longer wheelbase of the newer ones. I love hopping on this bike after getting used to riding my heavily loaded Rosco or Appaloosa - it feels like a race bike, but without all the discomfort. That's a 177.5mm Ritchey crank with a Salsa outer ring and a Sun XCD rear derailer - Grant wrote the weight on it for some reason I can't recall. That's a genuine Blue Lug hub shiner on the DT swiss rear hub. They sent us a bunch of them and it took us...

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Will's 62cm Appaloosa

96.5cm PBH - 84.5cm saddle height because I always ride in thin Chuck Taylors. I love this bike so much - all of my bikes are super comfortable but this one slightly edges out the rest and with front and rear racks and fenders its by far my most useful. The rear rack is a sample of one we'll hopefully have in stock later this year. It's like the Nittos, but tig welded instead of brazed and a lot more affordable. I use it to carry a tripod (the legs sit in that tiny pannier and then I toe strap it to the rack) when I feel like shooting sheet film. The handlebar is another sample - it's a 61cm...

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