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Rich's Frank Jones Sr.

53cm C-T; seat-height, 71 (my pbh is 81). That IS a B67 saddle. Why ride anything else? The crank is Shimano CX70, 36t single-ring. FW is White Industries 17t. Silver/Tektro brakes. The wheels are: Phil FW rear converted to single-gear 120mm; DT-Onyx front hub (not to be confused with the current Onyx hubs). Velocity Dyad rims, 700/36. Albatross bars. Tires, 42 (40 actual) Little Big Bens.   This is my 3rd attempt at a single-gear bike. I had 2 QBs (one converted to 650B, the other a used one bought from a friend). So far so good! I just love going out for an hour or two around San Francisco, finding less-hilly places to ride. On occasion I'll commute on...

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Rich's 53cm Roadeo

This is my "speedster." I love riding upright, hence the Albatross setup, with plenty of shellac on the tape for riding more aerodynamically. Jury's still out on the downtube shifter for the front derailleur -- I find myself using it more than I thought I would, and it's a bit of a reach. The outboard "thumb"-shifter, running 9-speed friction for the rear, is a pleasure. Red rims/hubs, Schwalbe Kojak slicks, a bit of "bling." Suffice it to say this bike will go faster than I could ever get it to go! -Rich

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