2021 Website Updates

2021 Website Updates

Dave here, introducing our newly remodeled website for February 2021. Great to see y'all again! Hope you're doing swell.  

What to expect: The same great photos and articles and products are still here at rivbike.com, just bigger! Scrolling is improved for desktop and mobile, search works better, and we have a smoother checkout process. Let us know what you think!

Photo credit: Grant Petersen


Most of the changes speed up the site and make the pictures bigger, taking these great film photos and putting them up front. But stay tuned for some other improvements as well.

Rivendell News is now at rivbike.com

One big change is that our news blog has moved from the olde home on Tumblr right here to rivbike.com, just like Grant's Blog. 

Here is the News Blog permalink for your bookmarks:

The homepage is now your single stop for News, Grant's Blahg, product updates, presale announcements, and other Riv goodies. 

What about the old blogs?

  • The Tumblr Blug, is still here, frozen in time. - December 2010 - February 2021 
  • Older News and Peeking Through the Knothole posts can be found at this Rivendell News Archive link. - August 2007-December 2010
  • Grant's Blahg, is still right here at rivbike.com. 

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