Alex's decked out Sam

Almost all the components Alex wanted for his build were out of stock with long lead times, but it was well worth the wait. The build list includes:

  • A Son28 Dyno hub paired with a Sinewave Beacon
  • White Industries G30 cranks and MI5 rear hub
  • Quill Rims
  • Shimano DXR brakes and levers
  • A Blue Lug/Nitto Losco bar with a Nitto Fillet Faceplate stem
  • A Mark's rack with supplementary long struts for a little added weight capacity
  • MKS Monarch pedals
  • UltraDynamico tires - A Rose knobby in front and a Cava in back

Our "stock" builds work great, but it's fun to put swanky stuff on the frames too.