Fun, Comfortable, Useful, and Safe

We make bikes for day riders and tourers, commuters and shoppers, trail riders and athletes, get-arounders and recreationalists, family riders and earth-savers.

We don’t make bikes for racers or weekend warriors, and we don’t use carbon, because it’s dangerous. We don’t make uncomfortable, short-lived, road bikes or mechanically overkilled mountain bikes. Our CrMo steel UNracing bikes are sleek, gorgeous, comfortable, efficient, safe, will last longer, and be safer every ride.

Rivendells are mechanical bikes. Pedal-powered.

We recognize that motorized bikes solve problems pedal bikes can't, but we seriously lack the brain-power to design or make them. So we stick to our true and only love—pedal bikes. When it's a pedal bike you want, we're your people.

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  • Roadish

    If you stick to roads and light loads, our roadish frames offer superb handling and are optimized for all day comfort. Safe and fun, with the usual Rivendell style and versatility.

  • Touring & Trailish

    Our trailish bikes are primarily used for carrying stuff and/or riding on rough trails. Long wheelbases and raised handlebars make off-roading easy and fun.

  • Comboish - Country Bikes

    If you carry stuff on rough city pavement, fire trails or gravel roads, our comboish bikes (also known as Country Bikes) are zippy like a road bike, with added load-carrying capacity, tire clearance and other every-day-bike features. Start here if you are looking for something that bridges the gap between our road and trail models. Most practical for most people and, not surprisingly, most popular.

  • Speciales

    Tandems, singlespeeds, customs, prototypes, web specials, and anything that doesn't fit elsewhere... presentamos los especiales

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