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  52cm Proto Bomba
touring mountain off road bike rivendell hunqapillar



product code: WSF-0045

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Rusty bomba prototype. You assume all risk and liability. Frame fork headset bb and DT cable stops. Pic is of the 56, but 52 looks the same minus 4cm.

Proto-Bomba Sale

These are several years old now—four to five—but have fewer than 700 miles on them. That’s the easy life of prototypes. You didn’t think we like thrashed them on purpose and treated them badly, I hope, because we don’t. But they are bikes, and bikes here aren’t precious or coddled, and so on the surface they may look older than they are inside.

Two of them are clear-powder-coated. Before clear-coating the metal was treated with, according the the clear coater, a “strong rust preventative” that in our experience could use a little more muscle. Ride on salty roads or on the coast, don’t even think about it.  Seriously DON’T BUY THIS if you live in rusty areas. Live in the lowlands of Arizona  or the inland valley of California? Think about it. If you give us your location and expect us to give it a Go/NoGO, we’ll take that to mean you’re nervous and will give it a NoGo.

Although consider this: Lots of people powder-coated their frames with the normal opaque paint and assume happiness beneath it. With clear, you don’t have to assume.

The bikes are priced to sell and are sold as is. Repaint as you like. We can provide new Protovelo decals when that time comes. We can tell you the number of a local guy who can repaint them for you,  and we’ll provide him the decals; but if we get out hands into the repainting pie we will charge you for it, so you might be best off dealing direct with Rick at D & D:
510 278-2976

He doesn’t do email and is a one-guy shop, so be patient.

These are great bikes in every sense except, maybe superficial cosmetics. They have the same “we have no written guarantee” as all of our other bikes, a point brang up here to tighten the filter even more. But they are superb frames and will built up into incredible bikes, perhaps lifelong bikes, and …. We need to raise a decent amount of money in a short time, and so they’re going cheap.

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