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  Mercian Tandem LOCAL PICKUP ONLY



product code: WSF-0043

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Mercian Tandem

58cm front, 53cm rear. Lugged, made in England, reasonably equipped for fun & family, with sweepy back bars, low gears, Marathon 38mm tires. Priced to sell fast, and pickup only. (We cannot and will not ship this) Probably fewer than 2,000 miles on it. Has a stem riser on it now because I lent it to a taller guy. Will do no work on it---but the bike has always worked well, except the last time I rode it the chain seemed to stick on the middle ring for some reason. I haven’t investigated, but I just right now took $200 off the price, so you can deal with that yourself.

It’s the Super Tourist model, which currently retails for $4300 for the frameset, and then you have to get it here from England. Let me say this kindly: Any price negotiation attempts, or any “can you throw in a----“ or “can you switch out….” Or , “ can I get touch-up….” will cancel the deal. I know that sounds butty, but I want to make the point that I know the value of this bike, I really like it, and I am not aching to sell it---I just need to raise cash fast, and selling it for less than the price below will take all of the fun out of it for me.


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