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  Used 58cm Homer
touring mountain off road bike rivendell hunqapillar



product code: WSF-0042

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RIVENDELL A. Homer Hilsen 58cm/650B wheels

It’s an early one—nothing wrong with that—and has lived a life among a small stable of other fine bicycles, thus distributing the wear and tear among several. It is newer beneath the paint than it appears to be at a glance. The parts all work fine, but no attempt has been made to spiff them up for show & sell. This is a Japanese-made frame, which is as fine as any. Priced to sell fast, and no, it has not been stolen, and as had only one owner.

Drop bars (Noodle 48), Silver bar-end shifters, Sugino crank 463624 x 170 or 172, I forget, unmatched platform pedals, little racks, broken in Brooks, fresh tires (Continental 37-or-so mm combo treaders). The bike, as is, $1800 for pickup. Shipping is $130 in the US. ADD TO CART TO RESERVE. Stuff in the basket not included

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