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  NO Discontinued Hozan 8/9/10mm Y-Wrench - 19023

Made in: Japan

Availability: late summer, maybe?
product code: TL018

Everybody needs a Y-wrench, and tool misplacers need at least three of them. This Hozan is the best and most expensive one. Chromed steel, precise, and one of those tools you use all the time for decades and don't appreciate until you can't find it.  The way it feels in your hand, the weightyness of it, just feels quality.

For brake levers, fenders, nutted brakes, brake shoes, and that's about it. Shiny chromed hardened steel; it won't wear out.

Handy tip: get colored electrician's tape so you can quickly tell the three sizes apart. Buy two...you're bound to misplace one.

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