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Big Ben

As of December 14 nobody here has ridden more than a mile on this tire, but even so, it seems to be our favorite tire of all time.

Update: I, Brian, have so far put a few hundred miles on these here Big Bens (55mm size.) They ride smooth, unexpectedly fast, and cushy on the road, with just enough off-road grip on my favorite East Bay trails -- if the conditions are right and the PSI is sensibly low (30-35 PSI.) It's too early to say definitively, but they also seem to be wearing as well as tough Schwalbes usually do. Maybe don't expect them to grip like a full knobby if the trails are too muddy or too dusty. Otherwise, Big Ben seems like a winner.

It’s a Schwalbe, so you know it’s stout and good, and it comes in the widths we like. But the main thing is the tread. It’s a roughier version of the Big Apple tread, with deeper lugs with grainier tops. When we got the samples, we were all agog, because we all had the same ridiculous reaction: This tire is Perfect. It’s obviously the Perfect tire. Why do we even sell anything else?

We sell other tires because we got ‘em. Certain tires are better for certain things. It is hard to beat a Jack Brown for an all-around road-only tire (and Mark rides it off-road, too). Plus, the Big Ben isn’t available in all sizes. There’s no 650B, which is a killer bummer, but maybe that’ll change. Update: 650B Big Ben coming November 2013 woo hoo! We expect there to be a shortage, not because everybody’s going to start buying these all of a sudden, but because Schwalbe sometimes runs out of the tires we stock.

The 700c x 40 is called a Little Ben. Same tire, diff size.

Your choice of either 700c x 50, 55 or 26" x 2.15". Wire bead, RaceGuard puncture protection.

The 700c x 55 and 26" x 2.15" actually measure about 52.5 mm on a 21mm rim (see pic below). The real measurement of 700c x 50 BB is about 45 mm.

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Big Ben 700c 50mm November 3, 2013
Reviewer: Robert Harrison from Honolulu, HI United States  
My Hunq has been shod with the 700c 50mm for a couple of weeks now and I'm very happy with them. Yesterday I rode 50+ miles with loaded rear panniers in very wet and muddy weather over not so good road surfaces and felt safe and comfortable. I had no trouble mounting these on Velocity Atlas rims, didn't need tools or even much elbow grease - seated perfectly first time out. I'm a heavy guy and these work great for me at about 45-50psi rear and 40-45 front. I'd be happy lower as well (was in fact), but for good asphalt that works fine.

Great ride.

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26" (559 bsd)-- measure 52mm wide July 16, 2013
Reviewer: Shoji T. from Arlington, MA United States  
These are big tires. Fit well in a Hunqapillar frame-- mine wears 26" wheels. Measure 52mm after a month or so of use. Lots of cush at low pressure, really smooths out Boston roads. Good on trails and curb hopping. I'd give it 5 stars if it were lighter and more supple like the JB Green. (I know, it's different...)

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700x50 on 56cm Sam Hillborne April 23, 2013
Reviewer: Mark Holm from Monroeville, PA United States  
I just mounted a pair of 700x50 Big Ben's on my 2009 56cm Samuel Hillborne.  This is the canti brake version of the Sam.  I have Deore V-brakes and no fenders.  The 50mm's fit fine.  One might even be able to squeeze fenders into the gap if the mounting hardware was clever enough.  Visual inspection of the tires before installation showed no visible flaws and neat, clean, even molding features.   Update: Have now ridden these on 1 paved and 3 crushed stone surfaced trails.  It's early in the season, and the crushed stone surfaces are still a bit soft.  One section was muddy with melting snow and slush.  Compared to 35mm Panaracer Paselas, these might, maybe have a bit more rolling resistance on smooth pavement.  On every other surface, these have the same or less effective resistance because they don't sink into soft stuff or get bounced by rough stuff as much.  I rode through mud that would have stopped the 35mm's.  Also, the ride is cushier.  Nice when the trail is roughed up.

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Great Tires February 19, 2013
Reviewer: James Warren from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA United States  
I've done a 30-mile ride where these were not sluggish on the pavement, and then in the dirt, as seen in the picture here:


They climbed very well and I also felt great descending. I have the 700x55. I like the round profile and the tread. I've been commuting on them too. Smooth, efficient ride. If your bike can fit them, these tires are a treat.

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