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  Jack Brown BLUE 700c x 33.333 Tough - 10092 - BLUE


Made in: Japan

product code: T100-B

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Jack Brown BLUE

This 700C tire was developed for riders (like us) who want a fast, light, high-volume and cushy tire, and at the time of its conception and birth, I'm pretty sure it was the only tire to fill that slot. Jack is about 33.333333mm in diameter, so it won't fit most road bikes with carbon forks, but that's more a fault of the fork than the tire. It will fit any of our road bikes built since 1998, and many of the ones before that. ; and of course any cyclo-cross, touring or tandem frame out there--unless you happen to find one with shamefully tight clearance.

(Jack Brown's radius is 350mm, so you need about 354mm between axle and metal. This is an easy measurement to take, but requires x amount of precision and care.)

The GREEN version is like a plumper Roll-y Pol-y, in that it has a normal casing and tread, with no beefening-up features (thicker casing, kevlar belt, extra rubber) that would add weight. It is the one we recommend for pure road riding.

The BLUE version is the same volume, but has an extra strong casing, kevlar belt, and thicker tread, so it weighs more. We recommend the BLUE for trails, commuting, tandems, or just all-around riding if you aren't weight-obsessed. Both are made for us by Panaracer in Japan. There's nothing to say you can't run a blue in back and a green in front (or vice versa, for that matter). Mark here rides the GREENS even on trails, but he's 145lbs and knows how to avoid the sharp rocks and deep holes.

(The second photo shows the inside casing, and you can see the belt in Jack Brown BLUE. It's not super obvious, but it's there.)

Take a look at the Schwalbe Marathon Supreme if you're interested in something a bit fatter. And the Ruffy Tuffy or Rolly Poly if you want something a little skinnier.

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Jack Brown Green May 27, 2016
Reviewer: Michael Capp from Madison, WI United States  
Are these the best all-round road tires on the planet?  I don't know, I haven't ridden them all.  But there's a compelling combination here, volume, light weight, suppleness, grippy rubber and relatively long life.  I rode them for a season on my fender bike and liked them well enough to build up a nice road bike around them.  After 7000km I got a flat in the rear, and changed the tire out since it was kind of thin, but I plugged the hole in the casing and set it aside since there was still some life left, at a pinch.  I'm nearly 4k (km) into the second rear, and no flats.  I'm 155lb, and do most all pavement.  Your mileage may vary.  I now do at least 90% of my riding on this bike, and the ride quality of the tires is a large part of that.

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Jack Brown Blue August 25, 2015
Reviewer: Dan Wisleder from Littleton, CO United States  
Unfortunately the rear one has developed a tear between the sidewall and the bead.  The good news is that it took over 3 years and many thousands of miles commuting year round on all sorts of nasty stuff.  I got one slow leaker in that time from a piece of wire that somehow just missed the kevlar band.  Glass and thorns are easy to pick out of the tread.  I've skidded these, nailed curbs, hit rocks at 30mph, and they won't tear or cut.

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Tough Tires April 30, 2015
Reviewer: Orlando Valverde from TAMPA, FL United States  
600 miles in and yet to have a flat. Unbelievable! I was averaging two flats per week on my commute to work. my commute is 60% smooth roads and 40% shitty industrial road riding (glass,screws,random metal, massive pot holes, etc). These tires are holding up well and look really good on my rig, IMO they are worth the money.

Side note: These tires are much easier to mount and dismount then Gator Skins. Just upgraded my wheel-set and was surprised by how easy the Jack Brown Blues came off.

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Just put a set on... March 31, 2014
Reviewer: Steven Schwartz from Milwaukee, WI United States  
And I'm not sure how or why, but they transformed the ride on a bike I've been trying to dial in for quite some time. Really look forward to piling on some miles!

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Best tire I've ever rolled! March 3, 2014
Reviewer: Nicholas Bull from Presque isle, ME United States  
First off, love the Rivendell mindset. So with that said, these tires are the bees knees!! I have ridden these suckers in all kinds of weather (-30F being the couldest), over many different surfaces, and for about 8 to 10k miles with only 1 flat!!!! Use mine all the time, and couldn't be happier;-)

Thanks for all the smooth miles,

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