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62cm Samuel Hillborne...
...early in the morning. Shimano N-80 dyno wired to a Luxos B for evening rides. Paul Racers and a Thermos full of Keven's coffee. "This is the most comfortable, most versatile bike I've ever sat on. I feel like I can ride it for days on all kinds of surfaces."

62cm Hunqapillar
NEW set up: 2x1 with the help Paul's Melvin chain tensioner; Blue Lug's Nitto Heron Bars; flipped upside down Nitto quick release bag mount so a medium saddlesack sits just right.

The younger generation here have no qualms with huge reflective triangles, and there's a generation gap of sorts, where it seems like only the 30-40 demographic identify their use as "dorky."


Okay. Up next is this Koga Miyata Road Gentleman whose claim to fame is a "suicide shifter" mounted on the back of the seat tube. There was a tail light mount on there already. Passed along to another tall fellow.

96.5 PBH (beats Jared's!) / 85.5 saddle height

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