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62cm Samuel Hillborne early in the morning. Shimano N-80 dyno wired to a Luxos B for evening rides. Paul Racers and a Thermos full of Keven's coffee. "This is the most comfortable, most versatile bike I've ever sat on. I feel like I can ride it for days on all kinds of surfaces."

62cm Hunqapillar, newly set up with 29er knobbies and a flipped upside down Nitto quick release bag mount so a medium saddlesack sits on the rack properly.

60cm Raleigh Mountain Tour Crested Butte. Big 80s mountain bike. Shoulder strap mounts were stock. Hi viz, two bells, fork-mirror for San Francisco riding. Generous twining. Seriously slack angles. He's too tall for this, but it works with albatross bars.

The younger generation here have no qualms with huge reflective triangles, and there's a generation gap of sorts, where it seems like only the 30-40 demographic identify their use as "dorky."

Okay. Up next is this Koga Miyata Road Gentleman whose claim to fame is a "suicide shifter" mounted on the back of the seat tube. There was a tail light mount on there already.

96.5 PBH (beats Jared's!) / 85.5 saddle height

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