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55cm Custom Rivendell Cross bike. Now we're cooking. 1x9 drivetrain with the carbon fiber bash guards. DT / MOpenPro wheelset, Whipperman chain, Mark's bar, TRP brakes a few pieces of Dura Ace, Ultegra and Shimano 600. One piece of beausage on the brake lever there, he says from dirty fingertips after tire-wipes. Superfantastic Joe Bell repaint that inspired the first generation Hunqapillar decal scheme.

55cm Quickbeam. Of Mark's bikes this one has the most racks and the least gears. Phil hubs. Predictably light for the father of the Roadeo. We don't sell Quickbeams anymore. You have to space out the rear fender like that on rear facing dropout singlespeeds so you can get the wheel out.

44cm Bontrager OR. Mark replaced the stock shock fork with this custom 650b red guy. Looks great, rides great.

55cm Roadeo. The original, as Mark intended. Dura Ace build. Yellow Silca frame pump color pop.

Amy's 51.5cm Custom. Amy used to race this zippy light-weight cross custom. The original fuchsia RBW Custom. Make sure to check out the blue ano Spookies, hand cut-out head lugs, and the sweet brake hanger! Made from pinched tubes brazed to a cable stop. Sweet! If you look close there's even a Campy crank bolt in that Ritchey crankset (I spy some more on some of Mark's bikes too - how many can you find?).

82 PBH / 71 saddle height

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