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The inventor of the Moustache and Noodle bars has gone all upright on us.

56cm Bosco-bar'd Atlantis, just back from S240. And this is the "lightly loaded" iteration. The boss can have any bike he wants, but for overnight campouts always goes back to this 90s era Atlantis. He broke a rear spoke once, but I think the rest is original stuff.

59cm A Homer Hilsen prototype. Not-stock color. Low key and hi-viz. A model of beausage.

60cm Cheviot sporting one of the first protos of the Chocomoose bars (soon to grace the complete Appaloosas). Basket up front to keep the necessary things at hand and a Trunksack in the back for everything else. Newbaums and John keeping Wald steady.

85 PBH / saddle height "depends"

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