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Oddball bikes around the warehouse. Extra Large Surly Big Dummy. Company Lunch wagon. Works well for medium to XL employees. Occasionally carries a frame or three to the powder coater, or a surfboard to the beach. The spoke card is from "Pet's Eternal Rest" a neighboring crematorium here in Walnut Creek.

Space Pac - Two speeds, one pedals forwards, the other back. Usually not working right. Needs TLC.

Panasonic Rodeo Bike. Called Rodeo because it's designed to throw you off; almost impossible to ride. John Bennett can make it around the building, but few can make it one pedal rotation. A result of the slack steering angle, the slightest steering input throws the seatpost far to the side, ejecting you.

Surly Pugsly - These are great for what they are, but we have no snow, so this thing gathers dust year after year.

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