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product code: STAFF10
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58cm 650b A. Homer Hilsen.
A touch of class. It looks pretty stock but it's gussied up with XT this and that and Paul stopping power. Knobbie tires and a dynamo to handle mixed terrain, day and night.

57cm Legolas,
built by Mark Nobillette with various customizations. SimpleOne-green paint. Full Shimano CX-70 group -- cranks, brakes, front derailer. Hands On Wheels wheelset by Rich - Velocity A23s laced to antique Ringle MTB hubs. Classy old Turbo saddle for perching on.

55cm Sam Hillborne.
Get-a-rounder. Fenders for the rain (as seen!). B+M IQ-X dyno for zipping after the sun goes down.

85cm PBH / 74cm saddle height

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