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58cm 650b A. Homer Hilsen. A touch of class. It looks pretty stock but it's gussied up with XT this and that and Paul stopping power. Knobbie tires and a dynamo to handle mixed terrain, day and night.

57cm Legolas, built by Mark Nobillette with various customizations. SimpleOne-green paint. Full Shimano CX-70 group -- cranks, brakes, front derailer. Hands On Wheels wheelset by Rich - Velocity A23s laced to antique Ringle MTB hubs. Classy old Turbo saddle for perching on.

54cm Hunqapillar. Dominator of the rooty part of Big Trees trail. Here with Schwalbe big bens, bullmoose bars and grrripsters. Should put the 29er knobs back on (Dave-- I put the Smart Sam 2.1s back on!)

85cm PBH / 74cm saddle height

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