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  Nitto Lugged seat post 27.2 x 250 - 11048



product code: SP3


Here's what we can tell you about it:

It's steel and lugged and in a 27.2 x 250mm it weighs 317.5g.
A Crystal Fellow, same length and diameter, weighs 252g, or about 2.3 ounces less. (Those of you who've lost all of your belly fat should steer clear of this post!)
It is nickel plated dull brite finish.

Key-main-chief feature is its offset, which Nitto says is 15mm more than the Crystal Fellow (our normal Nitto post). It looks more than that, but in any case it's a lot.
We show it here on a Selle-An-Atomica saddle, shoved all the way back--not something a normal person would need to do ordinarily on a typical bike. But many small bikes have too-steep seat tube angles, and many road frames from the '80s and onward had and still have too-steep seat tube angles. And many women's saddles don't let you shove them back far. Whether it's wise to throw $200+ at a frame that's not right is up to you, but if you love the frame and this post will make it right, that seems like money well-spent.

All in all, there are remedial reasons for a post such as this; and then there are more snooty ones------like, it looks good, and it's lugged and steel, for heaven's sake. A case could be made that if you're going to build that much setback into a seat post, the structure hanging it out there shurzeck ought to be strong, and steel's the only material that can stand it.

The clamping parts that form the frog's face are the same as on the S-83 post.
The lug is investment cast in Japan.

It's a strong, unique, gorgeous, and slightly extravagant post. The set-back is a great thing--it helps with all of the Brooks saddles (especially the wider ones).

Since this is made outa steel, please squirt some boesheild inside and roll the goop around before installing it on your bike.

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