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  NO NO add the SH1KIT instead Silver Shifters Bar Ends NO CABLES, etc. - 17089


Made in: Taiwan

product code: SH1NO

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These are the best shifters you'll ever set a hand on. There's nothing like them, and if you think your old SunTour barcons are the bee's knees, bless you, but you're living in dreamland.

Their magic is the Power Ratchet inside. The shifting is smooth, light, simple, fast, and precise. Indexing, in comparison, seems raucous and archaic. They work with any derailer, and freewheel, cassette, chain, etc., so you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you'll never be midway between gears and powerless to do anything about it.

Here is a short instructional video showing how to mount them on bar-end pods.

FLASH! SRAM's 9sp mountain rear derailers don't seem to work with this shifter. The movement of the derailer changes dramatically from the 8th to the 9th position. Why'd they do that? Anyway -- just don't use these with that derailer. OK, now back to the description:

There's a short learning curve, but don't let that scare you. Everybody learns fast with these.

This bar-end version NO longer includes cables, housing and the downtube stops because you may already have that stuff laying around and/or your frame may not have downtube shifter posts.

Weederouterwarning: The old ones had little light grey plastic washer beneath the wing-bolt that tightens these...sometimes cracks over time. How long and what are the consequences and what's the fix? How long depends on how tight you crank down. You could easily go 7 years or more. I have. On the other hand, if you live in Arizona and crank down too hard, it could be less than a year. A muscleman could do it in a few seconds, with effort.

What are the consequences? Usually a piece falls off, leaving half-or-2/3 or a washer in place. It looks ugly, it's still functional. Bolt tension on the remaining piece makes it unlikely to fall out.

The fix? Well, in a better world they'd be brass or bronze, but that's not in the cards, and for the love of angels in high heaven, it's not for lack of trying. Thank Zeus a simple metal washer works. And we're getting in plastic ones, bronze ones, stainless ones in various configurations (wave washers, flat washers) that are stackable, and should work for freakingever.

This is how easy it is to install the replacement washers. Watch the video here. If your grey washer for your Silver Shifter broke, call order anything and ask for the set of Silver Shifter washers for $1.00 with your order. If that's the only thing you order, they'll cost you $10, which includes shipping. Seriously, you can do it yourself at a hardware store for pennies, but if we're doing the legwork and packaging and time-taking and mailing, we've got to charge something.

If the possibility of a broken washer bums you out, and you don't buy, that's probably a good way to go. But we seriously and sincerely think you shouldn't forego these best-of-best shifters, our all-time favorites, the saviors of thousands. YES, the washer shouldn't crack. YES, it does, or can. But there is no danger, the fix is easy, and then off you go again. We are still working toward a more fantastic solution, because it's no fun having this note up here, taking some fun out of these great shifters.

NEW NEWS: The last year or so these shifters come with plastic washers that are both a little bit thicker and a UV resistant compound. So if your Silver shifter plastic washers are Black or Dark Grey then you have practically nothing to worry about as far as them breaking.

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Ow! My knee! December 15, 2013
Reviewer: David from Seattle, WA United States  
Great shifters with one small drawback: long legs with long bars means you get jabbed in the knee by the pointy end.  Very smooth action.

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Tension adjustable while riding! November 12, 2013
Reviewer: Michael Leven from United States  
1. Beautiful to look at.
2. Works great.
3. Feels great
4. Wing nut tension adjustable while riding. Can't do that with my other bike's Shimano lever that has a flat head screwdriver slot in the screw that holds together.
5. "Micro-indexing".
I love the fact that you can feel tiny clicks when shifting into bigger rear cogs so that I know that 2 or 3 clicks max gets me solidly onto the next cog.
6. You can hear the ratchet click if you listen for it. Not loud at all. Shouldn't bother you at all.

Tiny Squawk:
The black plastic washer is plastic. Wish it could be metal.
Because upon disassembly you may find that the square shaped lip on the black washer has deformed and may not fit back into the niche it goes into so great.
No biggie. Just buy a set of replacement black plastic washers when you buy your shifters for future use and enjoy years of great shifting.

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Best for sure May 2, 2013
Reviewer: Jack Stewart from Bella Vista, AR United States  
These are the best!   I was new to friction shifting and got these for my Homer.   LOVE them.   Easy and comfortable to use. Best of all is the near silence when shifting.    I love the sound of the silence and the feel of control over the shift.   These fit my hands perfectly and are great looking.

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loose like a goose December 17, 2012
Reviewer: Andrew Squirrel from Seattle, WA United States  
I didn't realize that these beautiful shifters would cause so much headache on my commuter. They often shift beautifully and I especially enjoy the feel of the lever. However, these things refuse to stay tight and often require tightening on the fly while you are riding which can be extremely difficult/dangerous if you are pushing up a hill and have gloves on. I think I've finally reached the red line with them. I was considering picking up the new unbreakable washers to see if they would help keep the lever from slipping but I've moved on and going to pick up some Shimano bar ends and keep them in friction mode.

Riv reply - It's is not uncommon for pure friction shifters to need to be finger tightened before every other ride or so.  Or at least to be checked for proper tension before each ride.  In this case it sounds like the wingnut bolt is bottoming out on your frame shifter boss which is preventing the shifter assembly from getting tight enough.  Add a presta valve locknut between the wingnut and shifter and try tightening again.  This will effectively shorten the wingnut bolt and allow you to get the wingnut bolt as tight as you like without slipping during shifting.

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My inner Retro-Grouch July 15, 2012
Reviewer: Dennis Waite from Berrien Springs, MI United States  
After suffering with nearly impossible to adjust derailers for 10 years, I dumped my brifters and replaced everything. These bar-ends are my first (I almost went with the shifter type that has served me so well since 1965 - downtube shifters) and my purchase of them has immediately increased my biking self-esteem. Smooth, simple, non-clunking shifts that match perfectly with the new Deore derailers, I also new replacements. Better than the performace I had when I took the bike home the first time. I should have listened to my inner retro-grouch and done this years ago.

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