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  Aardvark Saddle Cover


Made in: Utah

product code: S91

Aardvaak Saadle Cover

We used to sell a MUSA cover, and it was good, and grey, and no problem. It looked better than this, but this Aardvark cover is our future now because we don't have to buy 300 at a time. It makes more sense for us, for what that's worth.

It makes good sense 4U2, which is worth more. Here's y:

-- It's stretchy, so it fits every saddle from a skinny racing one to a B.72, no problem.

-- It's waterproof, but so was the MUSA.

-- It disguises a fine leather saddle, so hoods won't be so quick to steal it.

-- It is ever-so-slightly foamy. Adds a bit of cush. And it's easy to add more under it. Neoprene, close-cell foam, whatever. The cover hides the ugliness and keeps it in place.

-- On long hot sweaty rides, you should protect your leather from your salty buttsweat, anyway, and this will do that. Remove it at the lunch stops during centuries, but slip it on again before you hit the road. Paranoid? Only a little.

I totally wrecked, and I mean WRECKED a Selle An-Atomica, but I didn't want to spring for a new saddle, so I performed major surgery on it, made it look like heck (see one of the photos), and hid my ghastly work under this. That was a month ago, and I've ridden to Kingdom Come on that bike since.

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great saddle cover March 17, 2015
Reviewer: Caroline Donnelly from Opelika, AL United States  
I got two of these to protect our new Brooks saddles and to also "disguise" them as was suggested in a review I read. The cover is everything it is advertised to be. Very comfortable and fits my seat as well as the much larger seat on my husband's bike. I look forward to many years of use and the protection in the rain will come in handy this Summer as we tour in Alaska.

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been going strong June 7, 2014
Reviewer: Dennis Neveu from Black River, MI United States  
I started using this saddle cover a few years ago. Stretchy enough to fit my b72, b17, and selle anatomica and protects them from rain, snow, vaseline, and sand.
Great gift for a friend with a brooks without a cover. Durable, but can be damaged by road abrasion.
*Note that it /can/ sometimes have fit issues if strapping something huge to a b17's saddle strap slots. I mean a big UPS box on your already loaded rear rack.

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Nicely waterproof... now if only it was butt-proof December 2, 2013
Reviewer: Milo Van Valkenburgh from Woodinville, WA United States  
I ordered one of these last October, and put it on my Brooks immediately. Worked as advertised. I live in Western WA, so it stayed on until mid May of this year, when the rain stopped. Back on it went in soggy September. Now the motion of my thighs against my saddle's top nose rivet has worn a penny-size hole clean through the Aardvark cover! Neoprene patch cement is fairly cheap, and a chunk of old mousepad is free.... still, a little disappointing in the durability department.

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Fine Cover September 21, 2013
Reviewer: Beverley from Dorchester, MA United States  
I never seem to have luck with "waterproof" saddle covers so I don't count that as criteria. This one is so perfect for what it is...a saddle cover. It makes the saddle more comfortable, and I swear it helps with chafing-much like the chamois butter. All in all a great cover.

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Keeps your pants from turning black, but fell off February 2, 2013
Reviewer: Scott from Austin, TX United States  
My black Brooks B17 was turning my pants black, so I bought this. It did a great job of keeping my pants from turning black.

It does add some padding, but I found that this actually made the saddle a little less comfortable. Not a huge deal but noticeable.

The cover fell off my saddle three times in three months. The first two times I was not in a hurry, and was able to retrace my path and find it. The last time I was on my way to work and didn't have time to go back. I still haven't found it.  

I never used this cover in heavy rain, so I can't common upon how waterproof it is.

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