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  Nitto Saddlebag Grip quick release R50 - 20109


Made in: Japan

Availability: eta late Oct
product code: R13

These have been cooked up in garages and home workshops for about 30 years, and we've taken the best features of the best of those, added one or two extras, and had Nitto bake up this for us. You strap your saddlebag to it, and it to the seat rails. Then you open the quick-release and walk away with your saddlebag, the handle still attached. So you don't have to leave it on your bike. Most of the time it's fine to leave it on your bike, but if you frequent the same haunts as ne'er-do-wells, you'd better use one of these.

Required item if you're one of the many whose saddle is bag loop less and you want to step-up to SaddleSack ownership.

NEW: The saddlebag grip now comes with self-tightening nuts so there's no chance of the hardware loosening up and falling off in the middle of a ride.

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Nitto Saddlebag Grip August 14, 2016
Reviewer: HandleBraLeatherWrap from Troy, NY United States  
Love it ! Works as advertised. A bit overbuilt.
You may mount it inside or outside the saddle frame. My two grips are on Brooks.
A product worthy of your consideration.

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Not made for sprung saddles April 11, 2016
Reviewer: David Henri from Chicago, IL United States  
I bought one of these, and it's really well made, but it doesn't attach to Brooks saddles that have rear springs.  It is designed for the B-17.  I have several Brooks Flyers and a B-67, all sprung.  While I can get it to grab onto the springs of the Flyers, it tends to sag down.  I would never clamp it to the chrome springs on the B-67.  It's a shame it doesn't come with some additional mounting for sprung saddles.  I'm trying to do a work around now.

April 11, 2016 Update.
I found a sprung saddle that this works on just fine.  A Brooks B72.  It has vertical seat supports that the Nitto can clamp on to just fine.  I purchased the B72 yesterday to replace the Professional I was using for this bike.  So if you want a sprung saddle and a Nitto quick release, the B72 seems to be your solution.  Otherwise you need a standard (not-sprung) saddle.

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Simple idea, exquisite details November 6, 2015
Reviewer: Alan from Northern CA United States  
I owned a Carradice QR support prior to this, and the whole thing felt cheap. Some good ideas, but too many parts, and I wasn't surprised when it broke. The Nitto seems a little underwhelming until you realize how elegant the saddle rail clamp is, and how sturdy and easy to use the whole apparatus is in practice. Unlike the Carradice QR, I'm still able to tuck the bag snug under my saddle and leave the rear rack open for a bundle of wood, some brews, a pizza, whatever you plan to drag in for that last half-mile into camp. It does indeed cause the bag to hang around two inches lower than saddle bag loops if you've got a modern slopeish-railed saddle like me, but there are plenty of ways to get creative and solve that problem if it's an issue (and it's not, by the way). Did I mention it's nice and shiny? $100 might seem a little much, but after some experience with the thing, I'd reckon this accessory's lifespan pegs the price at about a dollar a year.

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Design not ideal for non-brooks saddles July 19, 2015
Reviewer: Jon Hustead from Omaha, NE United States  
I bought this thinking it'd keep me from having to buy a Brooks saddle. Sadly, the bracket's angle seems designed for the nearly vertical saddle rails at the back of a B17 or the like, while most saddle rails are angled at the back (including those of the non-leather brook cambiums.) Thus, when mounted on a non-brooks saddle, it drops the bag down quite a lot, in my case making the bag interfere with the brake lines even more than it had already.

If you don't have a brooks saddle already, I'd suggest buying one instead of trying to make your existing saddle work with this. If you have a rear rack that'll keep your bag off the wheels, or a B17 that works with the bracket angle, I could see it being a nice piece of kit. Didn't work for me though.

Rivendell was super great about the return, so I didn't have a bad experience by any means. Just disappointed that there isn't a better option for my situation.

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Works as advertised! March 5, 2015
Reviewer: Cameron from San Diego, CA United States  
I bought this to go with the Sackville Saddlesack (Small). I didn't want to leave such a nice bag on my bike when going into class or the store, and the R50 works fantastically.

Easy to mount, easy to adjust. The only tiny criticism I have of it is the black QR lever: I think it would look better if it was the same color as the steel mount. However, it is a nice Deore XT quick release skewer.

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