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  Baggins rare earth magnet

Made in: USA

product code: PR9


These have come and gone a lot over the years, and now they’re back. Cloissonne. We used to have a Baggins Bag brand of bags, and these are from then. It’s a nice logo, even if there are no bags to go with it. Rare earth magnets. We glue them on right here. Set up a table, lay ‘em out, squirt drops of assorted super glues on them, and – it’s all quite boring, but the finished magnets are fine. Refrigerator magnets strong enough to hold up anything you’d ever want to put onto a refrigerator, including a calendar.

The magnet should stay on there forever, but if for some reason it comes off, glue it on yourself. It’s easy. It won’t happen. Ten dollars each—that’s our final offer.

size: 1.25" diameter, that's about 32mm for you metric people.

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