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product code: PE92

These are for those of you who are handy with a drill and not intimidated by the prospect of changing metal forever.

If you're familiar with a simple hand drill you can easily get these to work with our Grip Kings to get them to get even grippier. The tiny nubs on the Grip Kings are already just the perfect size to be drilled out to accept these spikes; no special tapping is even needed---these spikes will self-tap themselves just fine.

Use an 3/32" or 1/8" bit---the smaller size (3/32") means a tighter fit, but the 1/8" is fine, and makes it easier to screw in. These screw in real easy with a tiny 2mm or 5/64" allen wrench.

Thirty two spikes in each little baggie, and four to five per pedal side times four pedal sides per bike means twenty at most, but they come to us thirty-two per bag.

These spikes also work on the Thin Gripster pedals.

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The Pedal Spike Experiment August 5, 2013
Reviewer: Mike Terrell from Walker, MI United States  
These really do make a difference on the grippiness of the pedals.  I bought them after barely being able to keep my feet on the pedals while riding in the rain.  Initially, I tried a 3/32 and a 1/8 bit with these but ended up using a 9/64 with some blue loctite.  When trying to screw them into a 3/32 or 1/8 hole, I would strip the head of the pedal spike.

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Revived my old Grip Kings June 5, 2013
Reviewer: Gene LeFave from Antioch, IL United States  
I installed a few of these in an old pair of Grip Kings, and now they are as grippy as new.  Even with my worn sandels.   I found that two on each side was adequate, so I installed them on my other bike with a newer set of Grip Kings too.

I had much difficulty installing in the old pedals. (perhaps they used a harder alloy) So I used a 40-7 tap and a drop of lock tite on each of the spikes.   I installed them with 4-5 threads showing, which seems just about right to me.

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Surefooted May 13, 2013
Reviewer: Tim Gavin from Cedar Rapids, IA United States  
I installed these on my campus pedals, and now my "street" side is almost as surefooted as the clip-ins!  And with way more comfortable footwear, to boot.

However, I found that no bit smaller than 5/64" would work.  When using 1/8", the spikes stripped their threads instead of tapping.  Maybe this depends on the pedal material.

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These make a huge difference October 27, 2012
Reviewer: Steven Thornton from Seattle, WA United States  
I got these for my Thin Gripster pedals after reading the previous review. The Gripsters are nice but on the first really wet day with leather-soled dress shoes I was slippin' and slidin'. I put a few of these babies in and it was like night and day -- I felt absolutely locked in, with no straps or clips of any kind. On a gum or sneaker sole, they make less of a difference, but still better. If you ride in the rain, get some.

Note that the Gripsters don't need to be drilled; they already have spikes, just shorter ones.

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Pedal spikes are a must for Portland, Ore. Rain August 16, 2012
Reviewer: Logan Smith from Portland, OR United States  
I purchased and installed these spikes about a year ago and they completely eliminated the shoe slipping issue I was having with my grip king pedals in the wet and muddy winters of Portland, Oregon. I just ordered another batch for my partner and to replace a few of the pedal spikes that have fallen out of my pedals. I think on this next round I'll use some bees wax or thread lock to keep 'em in. :^)

Russ Roca from the pathlesspedaled also has a great review of similar RivBike pedal spikes on his blog epicureancyclist.com. Cheers!

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