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  no discontinued Tombow Eraser


product code: M2

Twenty-five years ago when I started working for Bstone, all the Japanese guys who'd show up there, and the Japanese boss, all used the same erasers, and it was one I'd never heard of. Then I went to Japan to Bstone's HQ, and everybody there had them, too. I tried one and WOW.

It makes sense. The Japanese love stationery as much as I do and maybe even more. Lots of the paper is thin and super smooth, and an Eberhard Faber will rip it to shreds, but only after smudging. The Mars-Staedtlers are better, but the Mono Tombow is the reigning king of erasers.

We sold these years ago and now they're back. They seem to be Made in Vietnam now, but the eraser is exactly the same, and you know, we probably owe Vietnam something for past transgressions.

If you use a pencil and make mistakes, this is the eraser to get. Two bucks each. You can get them for half that in Tokyo, but we're not rooking you at $2, either. It is the best eraser I've used, and yes, I've used all the contenders.

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