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  Resurrectio Decals


Made in: USA

product code: M11


Fixin' up that special old frame can be lots of fun. These decals are the final touch to the new paint job. Two downtube decals, one seat tube decal, and a head tube sticker comprise the set.

Make up a weird story about the fancy famous rare Resurrectio Cycles brand when someone asks you about your spiffy new bike. The head and seat tube designs look a little like crop circles so maybe use that idea as your starting point.

Two styles to choose from:

Under style are thin and meant to be applied to the paint after it dries but before you clear coat the frame.

Over type stickers are thicker, more durable, in case you don't clear coat the paint job or you just want the stickers on top of the clear coat for whatever reason.

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Absolutley perfect, easy and GOOD looking November 16, 2013
Reviewer: Mark Walhovd from Janesville, WI United States  
I applied these decals on a refinish job and I couldn't be happier! The customer supplied the decals to me. We had the under clear type. I was a "little" worried before I used them, but; the decals were EASY to apply and they look great. BONUS! This decal set is made in the U.S.A. They make a plain Jane paint job look like a factory bike. I especially liked the seat post tube decal. It wrapped around the tube and lined up perfectly! I also like the "open" areas of the decal set because your color shows through. Nice touch and makes these decals go with any color. I highly recommend this decal set!!! I plan on using them on some of my own project bikes in the future. I am also recommending them to any applicable customer of mine. Thanks Grant \ Rivendell Bicycle Works!

I don't know if this is allowed, but here are the decals on a real world bike:

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A classy set words and pictures March 11, 2013
Reviewer: Angus from Seattle, WA United States  
Beautiful decal, I have used the overcoat on two separate builds (a seafoam green Mercier and a black '76 Colnago Super). They apply easily and hold up well to everyday wear-and-tear.

The concept is great; you adorn your old frame/new build with two phoenix rising from flames and a bit of latin on the side declaring "Resurrection" in a unique font with an unusual off-white-beige-y color that is a welcome turn from your typical white/black block letters...

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Nice decals February 19, 2013
Reviewer: Matt R from New Britain, PA United States  
I bought two sets, one for each of my daughter's bikes.  Did my younger daughters mixte in a constructeur/Velo Orange style with one sticker on the top of downtube.  Followed your example on Youtube and the first set went on nicely though I put the seat tube sticker a little too high up.  My daughter didn't notice or care.  We kept her cool Vista headbadge so we didn't need the headtube decal.  I used the second downtube decal the same way on my grocery bike and used the headtube sticker on my seat tube.   Two bikes for one!  

Did my other daughter's hot pink Schwinn with both downtube decals but messed up the seat tube decal.  Scraped off my screw-up and used the headtube decal on the seat tube instead.  

The seat tube decals can be a little tricky and you need to have all decals lined up perfectly before you put them down but its not horribly difficult.  They look great and are pretty durable.

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Love 'em, but be careful April 10, 2012
Reviewer: Dan McClain from DC/Baltimore  
I put these wonderful decals on my 82 Trek 412 650 b conversion after brazing canti bosses and a number of eyelets for touring racks, etc.. and then repainting. everything came off pretty swell except the headtube decal which i tragically demolished. I called in to see if I could buy just the headtube image, but alas they won't break the packs up. Too bad. So now I have a naked headtube.

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