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  Pletscher Kickstand Hardware


Made in: Swizterland

product code: K5

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This is one of those terribly useful aftermarket problem solvers that can save the day or wreck your frame, depending on how you attach it. To save the day, tighten it just enough so prevent slippage. It comes with a split lockwasher, but heck, man---add some blue threadlock to it, just to be sure.
To wreck your frame, overtighten it to the point where it starts to mash the chainstays, and then misinterpret the fact that the bolt keeps turning (as the chainstays keeps on flattening) as a sign that it's not tight enough, so keep on turning. You can use it on cheap or good bikes, but good bikes have thinner chainstays and while not at all delicate, they can still be wrecked, and that makes a sadder result. We still heartily endorse this, but use it mindfully. Don't just keep on turnin'...


Short bolt for kickstand plate and single leg kickstand users. Lucky you, your frame has a kickstand plate! Instead of hacksawing the regular kickstand bolt down to size get this stumpy 8mm allen for easy kickstand installation. BUT, cuidado! If you have a kickstand plate and a twin leg kickstand this short bolt is not strong enough a connection for the twin leg kickstand. Twin leg kickstand users need to use the sandwich hardware that comes with the twin leg kickstand - otherwise you won't have a kickstand plate on your frame anymore.

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Great design, very adaptable! August 14, 2015
Reviewer: Elisabeth from Mill Valley, CA United States  
This set rescued my daughter's beautifully refurbished, ultra-petite, 1988 Terry Mt. Marcy, after she parked it at a yard sale, turned her back for ten seconds, and a woman plonked her ponderous self into the saddle--with the Pletscher double kickstand deployed.  We whirled around when we heard: "How much for this bike?"  Answer:  "GET OFF, NOW--CAREFULLY!"  Too late to strangle the stranger, we discovered that the tidy kickstand bracket that Ed Litton had brazed on so nicely before repainting had cracked off on one edge under all that weight.  But the kickstand itself was undamaged.  Happily, the Pletscher sandwich bracket resting on the top of the chainstays aligns nicely with the brazed-on bracket on the bottom, and the long bolt pulls the two together for a superbly stable mounting.  Phew!

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Victim of chainstay mangling speaks out. March 20, 2013
Reviewer: Michael from MD United States  
Buy this...now.
If you haven't put your kickstand on the bike yet:
Run, do not walk to the nearest phone and order asap-asaurous.

And if you already have a kickstand on the bike - run faster. Tell whoever answers the phone, "Hi, my name is ______. I am a chainstay mangler."

I bought a used Bleriot with a Pletcher 2x-legger on it. When I removed the kickstand -deep gouges through the paint and dents in the chainstay tubes from the metal on metal kickstand mounting and someone cranking too hard at installation I guess.

Buy this, and pay happily the shipping fee if necessary. It will be worth it to save the integrity and finish of your chainstays.

Please don't let this happen to another used Rivbike buyer......It happened to me, but it doesn't have to happen again.

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