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  NO SOLD OUT DiSCONTINUED Smart Headset Locknut, Black


product code: HS9

For the most part, when you adjust a normal threaded headset properly, that's it, it'll stay put. But for five bucks, what the heck, this thing here is a good deal and a smart purchase if you ride off road a lot or have a longish tour planned.

It looks normal enough, except for a couple of tiny allen bolts sticking out, and it's pretty smart. You put it on in place of the normal locknut, and then turn in the allen bolts some, and they push in a hidden ring (as opposed to biting the threads themselves); and once that's done, even King Kong couldn't shake your headset loose. So, cheap insurance for the paranoid. Includes the tiny 2.5mm allen wrench.

One inch in Black.  Sorry, Blue is no longer available.

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