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  Nitto Stainless Handlebar Shim (25.4 to 26.0) 16095


Made in: Japan

product code: HB91

Makes 25.4mm handlebar sleeves fit 26mm stem clamps. Two halves. Stainless steel, made by Nitto.

Some people put a dab of glue in the stem, then put these in there first, before sliding the handlebar in.

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Useful but problematic May 25, 2016
Reviewer: BillR from Houston, TX United States  
These are not that easy to use. They're not really uniformly curved, so getting them in is a bear. Nitto makes a tool for spreading stem openings, but they're expensive. Fortunately, the common 14 or 15mm "peanut butter wrench" does the job pretty well. Take the handlebar tightening bolt out of the stem. (Don't loose the narrow washer up there!)Insert the handle of the PB wrench in the slot and lever it open a bit. This will give you more room to get the bars and shims in. Then put the washer and bolt back in, and tighten everything down. You can also make a (possibly better!) shim from K+S .012" aluminum from your hobby shop. It's the exact right thickness. Cut a piece about 38 x 75mm, bend it into an cylindrical shape over a straight section of your handlebar, file off the rough edges with a nail file or fine sandpaper and you'll find that it has better friction than the Nitto shim.

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Good for CroMo bars, not as great for aluminum December 29, 2014
Reviewer: Dirt P from College Station, TX United States  
I've used two sets of these shims: one for a CroMo Albatross bar, and one for an aluminum Bosco.  The set I used on the Albatross worked great.  It took a while to figure out how to wiggle both of these shims in there, but I finally figured it out, and no problems whatsoever.

I used the same installation technique with my new aluminum Bosco bar, and the shims put quite a few scratches and some really deep gouges in the shiny area adjacent to the stem clamp.  In the end I was only able to get one shim in there.  I know it's just instant beausage and eventually I'll get over it, but it was a little demoralizing to scratch up my $90 new handlebar 10 minutes out of the box.

Maybe it was just operator error, but in the future I'll only use these shims with CroMo bars, and just spring for the right size stem for the aluminum bars.

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Wish it was one piece... September 13, 2014
Reviewer: Michael from United States  
Works fantastic once in place.
Doesn't stick out much beyond the sides of the 26.0 Tallux clamp, so looks good.

But I wish it was a one piece part- not two halves.
Was tough for me to get the two halves symmetrical and squared up to like nice and not lopsided.
Scratched bars a bit upon rotation.
But that is no fault of the part.
It is a good part.
NITTO just made it as two halves.
Would be easier to install if they made it as  a one piece cuff you could slide over the bar, but I see the limitations there.

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A little piece of magic June 29, 2013
Reviewer: Bjorn Sundstrom from Stockholm, Sweden  
I just used these shims for the first time (mounting a 25.4 mm handlebar in a Nitto Dirt Drop stem), and was worried about scratches, how to manage to keep the shim in place, and so on. But...it just works. Amazing. Self-centering, just the right friction to avoid scratching the aluminium, and an absolutely perfect fit.

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