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  Musgo Real Shaving Cream


Made in: Portugal

product code: GOO2

A random Pole told us that at least 45 percent of our bike-riding customers shave at least once a week. That's a huge common denominator; probably the biggest one we have. So from that point of view, shaving cream seems like a no-brainer.

For years I've shaved only with pine tar soap, in the shower near the end of it, and it works great. Then John here got me some Musgo Real ("real" means royal in Spanish, probably also in Portuguese; and "musgo" means moss). He got it for me some Royal Moss it had lanolin in it, and he knows I've a soft spot for that.

It turns out, Musgo Real is, like, the World's Best & Most Highly Regarded shaving cream, and made in Portugal. The maker, Claus Porto, is about 150 years old, and once people started shaving, Claus jumped.

If you have your old favorite shaving cream, stick with it. If you already use Musgo Real (it has its fans), then why not buy it from us? And if you shave but don't have a favorite and are open to something new, try this. It's made by Claus!

A tube is 100 ml (3.4 oz) . To make it last forever, get a brush. I've never shaved with a brush until a month or so ago, when a customer forced me to get one. He said, "an almond-sized glob of cream is all you need." It works. I was getting ten shaves when I applied it by hand, and with a brush, probably forty or so. Even after shaving, the brush is full of lather. I wish I'd started brush-shaving thirty years ago.

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A little dab will do you June 30, 2015
Reviewer: Rob Talley from St. Pete, FL United States  
I think back to the days of my dad and his Brylcreem...a little dab will do you! I used this last fall hiking the Camino de Santiago. Buy a good brush (the one they sell is great), get it nice and hot, add the dab to brush and apply to wet beard. The stuff seems to just multiply and you have enough cream left on the brush and "slickness" on your face after shaving  to reapply to places missed for a super clean shave. Again, great stuff that works!!

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Get Persona blades too September 12, 2014
Reviewer: peter from fremont , CA United States  
Persona blade also makes precision surgical knife blades- super sharp!

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They're not lying April 9, 2013
Reviewer: Mark L. from Fort Collins, CO United States  
I got a shaving brush for Christmas about 10 years ago, and never used it.  I was browsing the Rivendell site few months ago, and found this stuff, so I decided to buy a tube and dig out the brush.  In short, my shaves are closer and less irritating.

You have no reason to trust the other reviews or mine, but since none of us have any reason to lie about such things, why not give it a try?  You'll be glad that you did.

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a little goes a long way September 7, 2012
Reviewer: Tom McIntyre from San Francisco, CA United States  
This makes a nice slippery shaving foam. With a decent shaving brush one needs but a tiny dab - one tube may be a lifetime supply (for this nearly 60 y/o, at least.)

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Agreed! April 21, 2012
Reviewer: James Allen from Pittsburgh, PA United States  
That's funny, a random Latvian told me the same thing.

Musgo real is great stuff, and the use of a brush makes it even better.

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