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  Clove Soap 2 pack


Made in: Berkeley

product code: GOO15

Clove and Anise Soaps

These are strong-smelling fantastic soaps made by a local. I bought some clove at the Farmer’s Market and asked if he could make Licorice. He said, “Anise,” I said fine, that’ll work, and he got the oil for it and mixed it with all the best ingredients—yadda yadda, but the main thing is the smell. It’s so good.

Each comes two 3-oz bars to a pack, so…6oz. It costs $10, not cheap, but they’re wrapped in nice earthy papyrus-type paper, and they’ll fit well in a stocking, and everybody likes clove, and one woman in 20 likes black licorice and one guy in three does, so if you’re one of them we’re counting on you. It is good soap.

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