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  Betty Foy
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Prices include frame, fork, headset, and bottom bracket.
Made in: Taiwan

product code: F-FOY


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Betty Foy is now Cheviot

Click here to see the Cheviot. We used to have the blue Betty Foys, which lots of guys wanted repainted and decorated with manly "Yves Gomez" decals. Now as of May 2014 we have this intersex/gender-neutral, neutered sheep-themed step-thru bike Cheviot. It's orange. It's named after a Scottish sheep prized for it's wool and yummy taste.

Betty Foy

Frameset with headset, bb, and seat post: $1,225.

The whole bike without saddle/pedals starts around $2400 depending on parts.

We introduced the Betty Foy and Sam Hillborne at the same time, and what you can do with one, you can do equally well with the other. This is because the bikes are equally strong and have similar clearances, so they fit the same volume tires and fenders.

The Betty Foy is designed with a low diagonal tube that's easier to step over. That is the only significant functional difference between the Betty Foy and the Hillborne, and the A. Homer Hilsen.

What's it for?

-- any kind of road rides--solo, club rides, fitness rides, whatever

-- weekend touring

-- commuting

-- fire trails

-- bike camping

Clearance is key to the Foy. It has enough to fit tires up to 40mm wide, so it's good on rough roads. It has clearance to take fenders easily, even with 40mm tires, so it's the ideal foul weather commuter. What you can do on a bike, you can do on your Betty Foy.

This style--mixte, lady's bike, step-thru, whatever you like to call it--came about originally to allow a woman's dress to drape gently down so it wouldn't get blown up by the wind. Most women don't wear dresses anymore, and if they do they don't ride bikes in them; but there remain benefits to this style frame:

1. You don't have to swing a leg high over it to get on--besides being a good thing if you do wear dresses.

2. It's also if you have a child or big load of groceries on the back. Same if you have a bad hip; it's a low step-over.

3. It's even easier to fit it since the height of the top tube is never going to be a problem on the Betty Foy.

Whether you want one now or need one now, whether you carry babies or groceries in back or don't, the chances are someday you will need a bike that's easier to get on, and when you do, you'll be hard-put to beat the Betty Foy.

Frame Quirks&Details

The slightly upsloping virtual top tube would have about a 2-degree slope to it, bringing the head tube higher. That makes the Betty Foy better able to fit slightly taller riders than, say, a normal mixte can. Just a little.

Every lug is investment-cast, a rarity for girls frames, which historically have been short-sheeted in the lug department. They're the best quality lugs available in the world today, and were designed specifically for the Betty Foy. Same with the bottom bracket shell.

The fork crown, also investment-cast, is the same one we use on our most expensive custom frames. As fork crowns go, it is as good as they get, with functional and structural details others plain don't got. It's wide enough for 42mm tires; the brake hole is cast low, to maximize tire and fender clearance; and the "wing" on top is visual art in a space that's usually blank. In the Betty Foy's case, the wing is painted fingernail polish red.

The Betty Foy is designed for long-reach sidepulls, like the Silvers or Big-Mouth 73's.. They're easy to set up, powerful, easy to use, easy to maintain, and will never give you a lick of a problem.

The wheels are 650B on the 50, 52, 55 & 58. Five years ago, were rare in the U.S., but no more. It's well-supported in this country--it's even trendy--and has a secure future.

Simple Sizing

If you have a PBH between 70cm & 81cm and can ride a saddle height (measured from the center of the crank to the top of the saddle) between 60 and 72, get a Betty Foy 52. Probably 98 percent women between 5ft 3 and 5ft 6 will ride a 52 Betty Foy.

If you have a PBH between 80cm and 92cm and can ride a saddle height between 70 and 82, get a 58. Ninety-eight percent of women between 5ft 6 and 5ft 10 will fit a 58.

And now available in new sizes both for the tall in a 62cm with 700c and small in a 47cm.

And NOW the new sizes:

50cm (650B) PBH range 72cm - 79cm
55cm (650B) PBH range 77cm - 84cm
60cm (700c) PBH range 82cm - 90cm

The Betty Foy is a remarkable deal. We're not saying $2,400 is inexpensive, but when you survey today's bicycle offerings and discover what that much buys today, you'll see what a good deal the Betty Foy is.

Frameset only or complete Foy bicycle

We've built up hundreds of mixtes over the years, and they all get pretty much the same kit, with minor variations.

The Betty Foy frame is designed to be used with Albatross bars, or some other swept-back bar, it does not work well with drop bars. But don't think the Albatross will limit you; it won't. Sometimes we get guys calling for their wive's or girlfriend's bikes, and they want drop bars because "they're better for climbing." Wrong way to think, pal. For one, Albatross bars are great on hills--I/Grant use them a lot, and they're on my Atlantis, my main bike-camping bike. Two--climbing is not about bar-shape, and if you slap drops on your wife's bike and then expect the little lady to dance up the hills like a feminine rocketship, give it up and back off, to boot! (End of preaching, most humble apologies.)

You can put the same parts on the Betty as on the Sam, and it totals up the same if you do. In any case, a complete bike is going to run you close to $2,600, but there are some ways of cutting out a hundred dollars or so on the Betty without hurting the bike.

"Betty Foy" is a character in an old poem by William Wordsworth (1797).

Here's a customer review.

Here's the Betty Foy video made by Vaughn.

Geometry Charts Here.

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She Does It All! October 8, 2013
Reviewer: Audrey CRAWFORD from Aurora, CO United States  
steel Colnago be gone after years of "tearing it up" out there.  All about comfort and no more lycra!  Love my Betty!  Yes, she tours great!  Ride Idaho this year, with Brooks spring saddle and no more bike shorts!  She handled the dirt roads beautifully too (move over skinny minnies!).  So nice to ride without clips anymore and in regular clothes.  multiple days back to back 70 miles plus, biggest miles so far 89 mile day.  So, commutes to and for work and works as weekend "training" ride too! Yes, is great for long multiple days.  Comfort is what it's about.  my specs.  5'10", 190 lbs, 50 yrs old, broken triathlete on the adaptation route.  This totally fitting the smiling factor and aaaahhhhh,,,recovery is way quicker!  Do it!  bike is a serious lookie see factor out there too!  Just finished 3 day Pedal the Plains ride too.

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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Beauty AND Brains is the Betty Foy February 19, 2013
Reviewer: Leah from Valencia, CA United States  
My BF takes me all over town, which is something my previous bikes never could do. I love my albatross bars, which are delightful and classy. I sit up and enjoy the scenery, and don't feel I've compromised function for comfort. I pull a child on a trail-a-bike, which the BF does graciously, and I usually have something (my foxy-faced American Eskimo dog) in the large Wald basket on my Nitto Big Front Rack.

I have 2 brass bells, German mirror, Cygolite, the afore-mentioned front rack & basket, Brooks B68, SKS fenders & b. cage. I bought reflective triangles for my 2 sons to wear. With all these accoutrements (all but my saddle from Rivendell) there is nothing my BF can't do and so we ride daily.

She rides like butter, effortlessly and smoothly. She's beautiful to behold and is equally functional. Beauty AND brains, is the Betty Foy.

If I did it over, I'd pay for custom paint and ask for the luscious pink I've seen on a Rivendell Glorious. But I'd change nothing else.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Beautiful, practical December 20, 2012
Reviewer: David Bundrick from Tucker, GA United States  
My Betty Foy arrived quite well built up. I added aluminum fenders, a front dyno hub with lights, a front porteur rack, a dual kick stand, and a few other things and use it on my daily 30 mile city commute. I recently took it on a group ride, and all the riders on their "racing" bikes admired my Betty for what it is - a well-built, practical ride, and not too slow, either!

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  3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
Rivendell Mixte March 16, 2012
Reviewer: Cathy from Tucson, AZ.  
I have a Rivendell Glorius, the model that preceded the Betty Foy. The Glorius is an absolutely stunning bike, and unbelievably comfortable. It is also REALLY fun to ride. I have seen the Betty Foy mixte in person, and it is also a beautiful frame. Since it was designed by Grant Peterson, and was meant to be a lower-priced version of the Glorius, I'm sure it must also have a very comfortable and stable ride. My husband purchased an Yves Gomez after seeing how much I liked my mixte. If you are a woman looking for an all around, super comfortable, non-racing type bike, get a Betty Foy. You will be glad you did.

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  4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
An unmixte'd blessing January 29, 2012
Reviewer: Pam from California  
My review was 2235 characters but the website made me cut it to 1000.  Just double all the praise.

I've got a Glorius -- the predecessor model.

A joy to ride: streets, fire roads, dirt paths, even singletrack.  It carries a ton on rear rack; I do 90% of my shopping on it.

Ultra comfortable.  Buy a Champion Flyer (S, for women.)  It's a B-17 with springs.  Riv's sprung Brooks is a bit too hammocky. Go to wallbike.com.  Albatross bars are *superb.*  A perfect design with tons of places to put your hands for different purposes.

I have the standard Riv build save for the saddle and a Rich-at-Riv built generator hub.  Not much drag and nice to have lights if you stay out late, which you will.  The bike makes you want to ride all the time.  Get the SKS fenders too.

Riv's mixtes are the most practical, beautiful rideable bikes around.  Every time I look at the lugs on the fork crown while I'm riding, I smile.

Riv's service and advice is as great as its bikes.

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