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rivendell bombadil

Made in: Wisconsin, USA

Availability: Made to order, 3-4 months.
product code: F-BOMBA


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$2300 (for the non-diagatube 48cm) to $3000 for Frame, Fork & Headset.

The Bombadil is a stout-tubed mountain bike for rough riding and heavy loads. It's not Dutch-heavy, but by contemporary standards of expensive, fine bicycles, it's out there on the edge. The frame of the 52cm weighs 5.3 pounds. 5.5 pounds max.

The tubes are extra strong, reinforced, and there's a diagnoal tube and stays to create small strong triangles even on bigger frames (all but the 48 has the second tube, and the 48 doesn't need it). It's a MOUNTAIN bike, and not a frilly-techy one for gram counters who race in their minds but not in the world. It's not for racing, period. It is a modern mountain bike in the spirit of a 1983 model. Maybe '84.

The Bombadil will come in 5 sizes. Here they are, with my best guess of the corresponding Pubic Bone Height and Saddle Height:

48cm (for 650B wheels) For PBH of about 77 to 83cm; Saddle height 67 to 73.
52cm (for 650B wheels) For PBH of about 81 to 87cm; Saddle height 71 to 77.
56cm (for 650B wheels) For PBH of about 84 to 91cm; Saddle height 74 to 81.
60cm (for 700c wheels) For PBH of about 87 to 95cm; Saddle height 77 to 86..
64cm (for 700c wheels) For PBH of about 93 to 102cm; Saddle height 85 to 92.

I/Grant have a PBH of 85 and ride a 58 Saluki, a 59 A. Homer Hilsen, a 56 Atlantis with Albatross bars, and I'm getting a 52 Bombadil as a mountain bike. But the 56cm also fits as a high-bar tourer. That's the beauty of the expanded frame. The top tube slopes up 6-degrees.

How much for a complete bike?
Depends on parts picked, of course.  We're happy to help you figure it out if you feel overwhelmed by all the parts decisions you have to make.

If you want to upscale it here or there, we've done it before and offer great advice. Want top of the bar shifters, a second set of brake levers, STI? We've done it all. We won't let you wreck the bike with a fantasy part that doesn't work, but we're quite flexible if you have a notion you'd like to explore, or just want our opinion about some idea you might have.

Color: Britishy Racingish Green  "What if I want fancy two-color wet paint?" You can probably get it, but it'll take an extra two months and cost you $300 more. That's what it costs us.

Maximum tire size in actual millimeters, accounting for a minimal acceptable clearance: 52mm.

If you live nearby or are in the area, stop by and see it and ride it.

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The Perfect All-Rounder January 1, 2012
Reviewer: Montclair Bobby B(irmingham) from Belle Mead, NJ  
Everyone who rides my Bombadil has the same reaction... WOW...

The ride is THAT GOOD.  I've searched for years to find the perfect bike, and I believe I've found it.  The Bombadil is solid, yet forgiving.  It's not lightweight, but feels amazingly light on its wheels.  I've been riding mine for just over a year, and this bike performs SO WELL in so many different types of terrain; it's equally great on short or long rides, commuting, store runs, or loaded touring.  If you want a bike that will take you everywhere, and will break in like a comfortable jacket, the Bombadil may be your ride.

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