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  Tektro Sidepull Brake R365, Front - 15151


Made in: Taiwan

Availability: DIscONtinued, while supplies last
product code: BRS15151

Sellin' just the one brake, the front. But if you're creative, you can buy two and use a ton of washers to bolt it down on the rear brake bridge.

This is just like the R559 Silver sidepull, but with crummier brake shoes, a worse finish, and a cheaper barrel adjuster. But all the important stuff is there....The design, the cold-forged aluminum.....and despite its not measuring up in all ways to the Silver, it still looks perfectly good and works exactly like a Silver, just as good. When you wear out the brake pads, upgrade the shoes and pads to the Scott Mathauser Yoko's, and you'll be happy as a clam bake.

For any bike with any sort of budget constraints (like 700c to 650B conversions, for instance)--this is the way to go. This is the Einstein-on-a-budget way to go whenever you need a brake with these dimensions. For conversions, for Hilsens, whatever.

Recessed Allen and long bolt for mounting on your fork. The brake reach range is 55mm to 73mm.

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