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  Yokozuna 55mm Brake Pad Insert - SALMON - 15143

Made in: Japan

Availability: 70696 ETA late Aug? late Oct?
product code: BPR2

Yokozuna brake pad insert/slip-in for use in the fancy threaded aluminum holders and newer type Shimano brake pad holders. Famous Scott/Mathauser salmon brake pad compound that works great in wet and dry and lasts a long time.

If you're using our Silver (aka Tektro R559) sidepull brake, the aluminum brake pad holders are already included with them so all you need to do to have new pads is slip these guys in.

These are 55 mm long. Also available in a longer 73 mm length. Be sure to measure your pad holders to make sure that you buy the correct brake pads for your bike.

Sold per pair - as in one wheels worth.

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