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  What Now?


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Ann Patchett is a rightfully famous, rightfully award-winning writer of novels mainly but not only. If you haven’t read her books, maybe you don’t read fiction.You do know somebody who has, even if you don’t know who they are, because people read books, people read fiction, and people who read fiction read Ann Patchett. The Patron Saint of Liars. Taft. The Magician’s Assistant. Run. Bel Canto. Truth and Beauty. State of Wonder… and then the book we're talking about here: What Now? It isn’t a typical Ann Patchett thick fiction book. It’s a tiny book, a one-hour read at most, that grew out of the commencement speech she gave at her alma mater, Sarah Lawrence College, in 2006. It was written as advice to graduates, but it works for anybody at a crossroads or anybody with an uncertain future. I hope my future is certain, but I got tons out of this book. But still—give it to any high-school or college graduate, or somebody floundering out there jobless, or thinking about his or her future. He or she will read it and thank you for it. You may not find it in bookstores. You can find it online, but as always, it is good to buy from the introducer. You’ll read it in an hour. Is it worth $14? Of course it is. What’s fourteen bucks in exchange for a good healthy shake-down, a major stress reduction, and a new way of seeing life and your future? If you read this and don’t get your money's worth, pass it on to somebody else (not a used bookstore, where it may languish) and send me an email... grant@rivbike.com ... and I’ll make sure you get a $14 credit.

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