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  Bell 26, Brass


Made in: Japan

product code: BELL26

Trivia that no longer applies: At one point this was the only bell available that fit onto a 26mm road bike handlebar sleeve, so we dubbed it Bell 26. Now all of our bells have the same clamp (fits 22.2mm to 26mm), so it would make sense to rename this, but...we all know it as Bell 26, so we're not going to rename it. In any case....

....it's our only coily spring bell (as opposed to hammer-strike style), and I/Grant like it more than most others do. It's not as loud as the hammer-strike bells, and on a bumpy trail it rings itself. Big deal. It's loud enough, and the self-ringing—it's music! I like that it's easy to ring with a finger flick. To me it seems easier than the hammer strike, which requires you to pull a trigger.

The clamp is the same as on all of our clamp-on bells. It fits 22.2 to 26mm bar diameters, and it's OK to use a single wrap of bar tape to protect bare metal.

The accompanying pictures show a few reasonable possibilities.

The best way to rig it: On the sleeve of the bar (or over the twine). Use slip-jaw pliers to squeeze the clamps together--it just makes it easier to use the screws.

Also note: The dome is rivetted to the shaft; the shaft itself is threaded. You can unscrew the dome-with-shaft from the clamp and THEN, if you have a threaded stem or headset spacer, you can thread the shaft-and-dome directly into it, thereby end-arounding the clamp.

NOTE: If you have the bad habit of storing your bike outside, Do Not Do It! Bring that bike inside, please! Your trusty little bike and all it's metal parts are corroding little by little by being stored outside, exposed to the mist, dew, fog, rain, snow, elements. Especially if you live near a salty, moist, humid ocean environment like Kona or the Sunset. The tiny little spring part of this Bell can corrode and break even after a few months of being stored outside. But this bell will last for many many years if you keep your bike inside most of the time. A Riv Staff rider lives right by the ocean and stores his bike inside most of the time and his bell is over a decade in age and the spring is still going strong. And he cleans his bike a lot, wipes off the corrosive sweat, so be sure to clean off your bike maybe once a year or so, too. Your bike and it's many little and big metal parts will thank you. Not to mention that your bike can easily go missing even if it's locked up to the fence in the backyard...

If you want a louder ring, get this replacement thicker spring here.

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12 Years' Review May 19, 2015
Reviewer: Scott from Davis, CA United States  
After 12 years on my bike, it is as good as it was the day it came in the mail from Walnut Creek.  The description here says it all, except that after 12 years you have a lovely patina with darker brass.  

I should add that I have had 12 years of riding along the coast, anywhere from 2 feet to 2 miles from the saltwater, in the rainy Pacific Northwest, and I've had no corrosion issues.  It really is as good as new after all these years.

I ride mostly on multi-use pedestrian-bike trails and city streets.  Pedestrians appreciate this bell, and the occasional "music" is just a pleasant early warning system for walkers, joggers, and other cyclists.

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Ding, Ding May 24, 2014
Reviewer: Mark Holm from Monroeville, PA United States  
So much more civilized than yelling.  I wish everybody had one.  Regarding uncommanded ringing on bumpy rides: I have mine mounted at about a 45 degree angle, which brings the striker right next to my thumb.  I also have wider tires at lower pressure.  It takes a really strong bump to make mine ring by itself.
The clamp looks a bit clunky, but it is versatile.  Also, the striker can be positioned anywhere around the bell and is not left or right handed, so it is easier to get it just where you need it than with many bells.

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add a leather washer January 1, 2013
Reviewer: Ron Mc from Bulverde, TX United States  
I love this bell, and ride a lot of pedestrian pathways, and the pedestrians love it, too.  It's a soothing tone, decays quickly, but rings for a long time.  I added an Acorn leather washer between the clamps on the M5 fastener, and it dampens out 90% of the road shock rings.  I give this bell 6 stars.

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I approve this ring-a-ling October 8, 2012
Reviewer: Brandon from Austin, Texas  
i like the look of these bells & decided to order one, despite reading a few comments addressing unplanned, excessive  ringing.  I mounted the bell on my folding bike & have been riding it thru bumpity-bumps & rattle traps for weeks...places that regularly ring bells on my other bikes.  i have yet to hear an involuntary ring.  Hmmm.

This bell's on-demand ring has a beautiful & long lasting tone.  I notice that people looking in the direction of my chiming are more often wearing a smile.  This does not happen with my other bike bells.  I will be adding more bells to future orders.

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a slight modification... September 10, 2012
Reviewer: Jeffrey Struck from Portland, OR United States  
Initially, I was annoyed by the the ringing of the bell as I rode over bumps, etc.  So, I added a small washer to the bell bolt, creating more distance between the bell and the spring.  This does the trick for pavement & dirt roads.  I take it off if I ride rougher trails.

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