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  no discontinued Nigel Smythe SaddleSack XS (Keven's) tweed - 20151


Made in: England

product code: BANXS

Now made by Nigel Smythe in England, this is the best small underseat bag we've used.

It tucks in, doesn't wobble, mounts to any saddle with bag loops, and holds your repair kit, food, wallet & keys, and a spare light shirt.

It also mounts pretty well on the handlebars. With three attach points and some creativity, you can make it work pretty much all over the bike. It's a good, good bag. It ought to last ten years or so.

Cubic inches: 140
Liters: 2.3
Peanuts in the shell: 321

Keven's Bag
20cm/ 8" long
13cm/ 5" wide
9cm/ 3.5" tall

Close-up of the red stripe green tweed.

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