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  WoolyWarm Buttnup Tweed Sweater - Derby Green


Made in: the UK

Availability: just a few 2xl
product code: AW62



The first batch won't be huge, and getting your name in now assures you a sweater. These are normal S M L XL 2XL. There are no special cuts. We didn't try to improve on the grading; it's pure English stock, and seems to work for Americans, too. In other words, if you wear a normal Large sweater from Target or Brooks Brothers, buy a large one here.

WoolyWarm Buttnup

Odd though it seems, we set out to design the hummiest-drummiest sweater in the land, the likes of which hadn't been seen since the early '50s, and then only on unstylish middle-aged men. Naturally it became our top seller, and no buyer likes it any more than the sellers.   It stands out without shouting out. It looks handsome and humble. More than any garment you'll wear, it will elicit complements from strangers; maybe the same ones who complement people on their nickel-sized birthmarks, or wonderfully out-sized ears, but nice people nonetheless.

Two tiny buttoned pockets on the front are entirely appropriately sized. Major cargo pockets in this wool would, if filled, stretch the bottom too much.

closeup of the multicolored fabric

Made from the wool of Cheviot sheep from the border country between England and Scotland. At least six colors blend to create the mottled, basically olive wool that's unlike any other wool you'll see in America.

Do not buy this as a gift for anybody. It's not that kind of sweater.

All wool, made in England just for us.

You into sweater and sock matching?  Our Canada dark green wool socks are just for you.

WoolyWarm and this particular wool

Even if it didn't work so well, which it does, wool would still win, because it looks so good. Synthetics are too homogenous. Wool always varies, but never as much as in this tweed --- a blend of green, gold, orange, white, black, and now and then a clear or red. Under high magnification you can see them all clearly, and even on a brand-new sweater they look like a tangled mess. From a human's eye view you can't see anything except a variegated olive color.

We first offered these about 8 years ago, around 2003, and they have been our most-requested comeback item ever, and we worked hard to get them back. They're delightful to wear. They let air in, so you don't get too hot. You can wear them most of the year, and probably will.

WoolyWarm is our resurrected own-brand for wool clothing we have made to our spec. In the past we've had WoolyWarm bike jerseys ("All wool. Cut full. No bull."), arm warmers, leg warmers, warm-ups, and pants. Now we're starting it up again with these sweaters.

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Great Sweater October 23, 2012
Reviewer: Paul from Alpena, MI United States  
I love this sweater! I disagree with the statement about this not being a gift sweater; in fact mine was a gift from my fiancée, and I could not ask for a better one. Not only is it great for wearing on a ride, but I have also worn it with a shirt and tie at the office and gotten complements. Who can ask for more than that out of a sweater?

This sweater is warm, and true to size. I normally wear an XLT and the arms were the perfect length for me (this may be a problem if you have really short arms). The cut is tight enough so that it does look baggy, but loose enough that it doesn’t look like you are wearing spandex (going back to me wearing an XLT, no one wants to see that).

The other reviewer is correct; this is ‘wool’ wool, and on the itchy side, but after an hour or so it was not a problem. I own a few wool sweaters, and I love that this one comes with a faint lanolin smell. That’s something you don’t get from the name brands at the big box stores.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
If you've never owned wool, you should buy it! April 5, 2012
Reviewer: wesley from newhall, ca  
First of all, I must say that it is real itchy at first.  After a couple days of wearing it and always feeling irritated I was about to call to return it.  Then on the third day I got used to it and began to love it.
 I ride my bike to work every day and morning is the coldest time of day.  On days when I used to wear a sweater underneath a light jacket now I only need the wool sweater.  And when I get to work I don't need to even take it off because it doesn't overheat.
 It looks nice and I've received compliments on the sweater.  I bought the Large and it is bigger than I expected.  If I was trying to look stylish, I would wear a Medium.  But I'm happy with it fitting real loose.
 After a couple of months of owning this sweater I wear it as much as I can.  It just is a scratchy sweater, though.  (even after giving it a bath in conditioner)  And, because my arms are sensitive, it has to be worn over long sleeve shirts only.  I would recommend this sweater experience to a friend

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