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  Possum Wool Neck Gaiter Black


Made in: New Zealand

product code: APW-004

Neck gaiter

Same as the brownish one we've been selling for years, but black. Wear it on your neck, over your mouth, or as a head-and-ear warmer. It weighs nothing, packs away to nothing, you can sling it over your handlebars and you’ll find a use for it. Back when we  had these before, about half the people who bought one came back for another two or three. It’s a good, useful, cozy thing.


About a decade before the Civil War, somebody from Australia brought a brushtail possum (we have the scary tooth rat-tailed kind) over to New Zealand, and since there are no predators in New Zealand, there are now, in 2009, more than 70 million of them.

They eat more than 20 tons of vegetation every night of the year, and it’s the good, friendly, native kind of vegetation that provides homes and food for New Zealand’s native wildlife, including the Kiwi. The loss of habitat alone is bad enough, but of course it has the expected consequences on native animals, many of whom are facing extinction now. Even vegan nature lovers would like to see these possums wiped out, but they propagate too fast for that, and so the government has subsidized their “capture” and businesses that make stuff from their supersoft, non-smelly, quite mink-like and warmer than merino wool fluff.

We’ve sold possum wool garments before, and several of the old-timers here still wear them every winter. It stays soft, washes well (don’t dry it), and holds up. It’s 90 percent possum, 10 percent nylon.

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