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All You Need is Wool
All you need is wool (plus a little seersucker, sucker) If the charming, gnome-like folks who live on the edge of black holes in outer space came here today and studied hikers, climbers, outdoor maga
Crotch pads
When they’re part of the pants, you have to wash your pants too frequently. Underwear should be removable, separate, and bike-ifying shorts or pants or knickers by stitching in the pad amounts to st
Do you need a crotch pad, even?
That’s not the same as asking, “Do you want to be comfortable down there?” Padding helps when you have sores you’re trying to cushion, and when your saddle is uncomfortabale and you’re sitti
Don't Overthink Your Underwear
I haven’t changed my underwear to go on a ride in ten years, and I’ve never, even once, been three-quarters of the way through a ride and thought, “Son-of-a-whatever, why did I have to wear this
Thoughts on Socks When it comes to technological change in the past decade, socks rank right up there with computers, cameras, and digital music, but there is something suspicious about high tech soc
Special Clothes for Riding?
Special clothes for riding? Special clothing just to ride a bike? Are you sure? (This is kind of a long rant.) If you have any doubts that you can ride in   normal clothing , consider that 200 m
The Shoes Ruse
The Shoes Ruse (this is written for non-racers, and for riders who don't ride race-like. In other words, for recreational riders, tourists, commuters, general fitness riders...but not for racers or r
Why Wool Doesn't Stink
Why Wool Doesn't Stink by Mary Stipe There are two kinds of sweat glands:   apocrine   glands, the type found in your armpits, and eccrine   glands, the type found everywhere else. Ecc