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worth the wait March 25, 2015
Reviewer: Scott Wolfe from Bend, OR United States  
i test rode a v.1 hunq a few years ago and loved it except for the tire limitations and 26 inch wheel in my size. the v.2 eliminated both those issues for me and it now clears 2.3 tires in the rear and 700c wheel size in 54. i didn't want to vacillate every time it came to go for a ride, so i downsized my fleet with the idea of purchasing the hunqapillar in mind. comfortable, versatile and excellent craftsmanship. glad i waited for exactly what i wanted.

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It's outlasted two cars and a pick up truck. February 23, 2015
Reviewer: David Gardner from Thermopolis, WY United States  
Granted, the cars and the pick up weren't new and shiny as my hunqapillar  was when I got mine in the first batch. Neither did they see as much use as the hunqapillar has, gone as many wild places and been as dependable. I'd like to say I've hauled enormous loads on epic journeys but alas; it's had a large saddlesack and a medium shopsack on it since I built it up but that's been enough to pick up several days worth of groceries. It's taken me to and from work in all weather. Taken myself and my son on adventures out in the hills or across town to the park. My hunqapillar has been both sturdy and forgiving at the same time and has been as versitile as a bike could be expected to be.  I had never owned a bicycle such as this one but it's been worth absolutely every penny. The staff at RBW (Keven) was beyond helpful and more than patient while I vacilated about the purchase.The materials, design and construction of this machine make it a candidate for the last bike I may ever need.

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Amazing trail, bike camping, and all rounder July 23, 2014
Reviewer: Dave from Oakland, CA United States  
Already owning a sporty, steel road bike, I wanted a second bike that could handle all my other riding: trails, s24o's, and a round town/commuter bike. The Hunqapillar fits that bill and more. As a mountain bike with 2.1" knobbies it handles the trails like a boss. With 1.75" road tires, it works great for short and long distance riding, rides surprisingly light and handles very well, even replacing my road bike on many rides.

The Albastache bars are great with this bike on the trails and road. Excellent control both on dirt and pavement, I thought these bars would a compromise but they really are the best of both worlds.

Brian was fantastic at making recommendations for the build based off my riding and I've been very happy with the setup, zero far. The entire Rivendell crew was amazing and super helpful.

Green color is amazing in person (looks good on the site too, but better in person.)

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Just a Hunq, a 62cm Hunq of burning love October 16, 2012
Reviewer: Robert Harrison from Honolulu, HI United States  
[With apologies to Elvis]

Without a doubt my new Hunqapillar is the most comfortable and easiest to ride bike I own. Delivered 10 days ago, my 62cm has the standard build kit, a B-17 Select, Gripster Pedals, racks and fenders, as well as a Wald basket.

Packing was superb and I only had to put on a few bits and pieces myself. I was out and about within 90 minutes of opening the box (and would have been quicker had I not photgraphed the whole thing).

The bike fits my 95.5 PBH like a dream with the a 13cm Tallux stem holding up Alba bars with Silver bar ends.

I've had it on the road for at least an hour a day both as a daily commuter and as for afternoon rides with a few hills. This coming weekend I go camping and expect things will go swimmingly.

Thanks to all the RBWers who helped with my order, especially Brian who really went out of his way to make me happy!

Aloha and happy trails!


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Super Camp Bike September 3, 2012
Reviewer: Brian Hanson from Seattle, WA United States  
I have a 54cm in the original gray/bean color and have used it with Moustache and Porteur bars.  With the 50 Dureme tires, it rides solid, comfy, and stable.  It's set up like a truck, and I have plenty of rackage to hold 100 lbs if needed.  Love this bike!

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Hunq Heaven June 7, 2012
Reviewer: Mike T. from Detroit  
Bought a 62 last year with a patient Keven guiding me, along with a Betty Foy for mine Ruth.  (He was spot on with the sizing, whew.)  It is the perfect bike for me.  Completely comfy with big ole Apples, soft and delightful nimble.  I ride it anytime, anywhere, just like I did my sting-ray when I was 12.  Yep, I'm a kid again.  Thank you, Grant, for designing and selling such a vehicle in these strange times.  Thank you, Keven, for all the decision help.  Thank you Mark for building it up so nice.

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Nimble and fleet of tire April 11, 2012
Reviewer: Elita from Utah  
I was surprised at how light and effortless pedaling this bike is.  I was between two sizes, the 48 and 51, and went with the 48.  While I think the 51 would have been great too, the 48 seems perfect.  I have never been this comfortable on a bicycle ever.  Grant and the crew at Rivendell have been super to talk with about building up the bike for exactly what I needed.  I will never need or want another bicycle- the Hunqa is truly my dream bicycle, and I have high hopes for many long hours spent in its saddle.

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Wow. Amazing. Stable, Steady, Fleet. April 2, 2012
Reviewer: Patrick from Colorado  
I have constant neurological vertigo and recently discovered I could ride a bicycle again. I needed a stable, steady, hearty, beast of burden and figured a mammoth would do. What a stunning surprise to find a fleet of foot beastie as well!

Equally at home on pavement, dirt, single track, and even some more rugged trails (I'm sure the Hunqapillar is capable of more than I am). Loaded or just with enough for a day ride, the handling is superb.

Truly one bike for everything.

My only regret is that I didn't know how to bicycle like this when I was a young snot of a lad touring Europe after high school! Grin.

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Looks stunning ... rides like a dream! December 2, 2011
Reviewer: Scott from Dana Point, CA  
The Hunqapillar is a joy to ride, goes anywhere I want to go without complaining (or making my body complain), and from what I can see, will still be ready for more when I'm no longer able.

It is supremely comfortable, but never lazy or sluggish, happy to move slowly or as fast as I can pedal, stable at all speeds ... and the first bike I've ever owned that I can actually ride no-handed (I always thought it was just my lack of skill).

It was quite a long while before I could afford this bike, and I'm very glad all the stars aligned and everything came together to finally make it happen.  It's worth every penny and every day, week, month, and year of waiting.

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58cm Perfect bike. October 17, 2011
Reviewer: Nelson Hollins from Scarborough, ON Canada  
This is the best bicycle i have had in 50 years & it will never be up for sale.
The 2nd toptube placed 1/2 way down the seattube , makes the best strengthened mainframe triangle: keeping the bb from sideways flexing.
The headtube is made stronger (less able to flex sideways), by this 2nd tt also.
The 460mm chainstays allow 55mm tire, fender, kickstand, & rack to fit together behind the bb easily.
Can't wait till Retirement , for a trip to BC from Ontario !
Way to go RBW's !
Thankyou !

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