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Nitto Handlebars

NITTO of Tokyo makes the best, strongest, safest, and most beautiful stems and bars in the world, and every other handlebar maker knows this. We have never had one break. In more than 25 years of handlebar immersion, most of it with Nitto, I/Grant have seen only one bar break, and it happened in 1986, and the bar was abused. Nobody can put a curve on a bar like Nitto can. Nobody has Nitto’s eye for style. You can request certain dimensions, and Nitto will connect the points in the most sensuous way possible.

Sometimes the result looks familiar enough that a rookie’s eye won’t detect the beauty, or will be quick to lump it in with all the other drop bars (for instance). But when your eye is good and your taste is snooty, the Nitto always wins, and nobody even ties.

Trivia: In 1980 there were 24 handlebar makes in Tokyo alone. Rising labor prices and competition from Taiwan sunk all but Nitto. Nitto’s strength is its superiority. Other trivia: Nitto also makes handlebars for Postal workers in Japan.

(The bars above, from left: Noodle, Albatross, Moustache, Bullmoose)

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