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  Luxos-U Dyno Headlight
Busch and Muller Luxos U Headlight

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Made in: Germany

product code: LTD-11


Busch & Muller Luxos-U

The wired bike tourist's dream come true. Best beam pattern for all around riding ever created, with built-in USB charging capability. It is fantastically bright and gets brighter with a Flood Light mode you can access from a handlebar button.

The sensation of riding with this light (and its stripped down cousin Luxos-B) on the road is like being in a car. Like an automotive low-beam this light illuminates the entire lane and beyond, not just a narrow patch a few yards ahead. The face is large: to a rear view mirror, you look like a motorcycle. To traffic coming around a blind turn, your beam looks like another car.


The Luxos-U is the deluxe version of the newest Busch & Muller Luxos light. So in addition to the Luxos-B's fancy reflectors and 70 lux performance, you get USB charging (so your phone doesn't die on tour), cache battery power, "flood light" mode that pumps you up to 90 lux for short periods and a handlebar mounted switch with the USB mount and a light to tell you which mode you are in.

Comparable if not superior performance to anything on the market and a killer value.

  • 70 Lux: 600% brighter than German regulations require
  • Floodlight: 90 Lux. You can turn it on like a car high-beam with the handlebar button.
  • IQ2 lens tech: impressively wide and deep field of light, much larger than anything B&M has done before. The side lighting is nice, illuminating the roadside.
  • The lithium cache battery charges while riding, giving you a boost of juice when you need it for the floodlight, standlight & USB.
  • Daytime running light.
  • H'Bar Button controls the on/off/floodlight. Also has a light to tell you which mode, if your rear light is on (if connected), and when you've got enough juice to charge the phone.
  • "On" mode is actually "Senso" which means a sensor in the unit automatically switches between daytime and nighttime modes.
  • When you slow down below 15km/hr, the light field changes to "close panorama" mode, illuminating the road right in front of you instead of way ahead. Speed up and it switches back. Amazing.
Comes set up for fork crown mounting, which is standard for European style dyno rigs. The one we carry is the "standard" version, with 54cm of wire.You can pull the metal fork crown mount off and use our R&M handlebar mount. Because the light field is so wide, it only makes sense to mount it above the tire, in FRONT of your rack, or on the handlebar. Mounting on fork blades or at the axle or on the side of a rack only works for narrower beams. You'll be wasting the potential of this amazing light.

$258 is the current standard price and it ships free.

When/if you mount it in front of the basket like in the photo, you should protect the underside of the light if you ride in wet conditions--use a fender. If your fender isn't long enough, extend it with a cut waterbottle or get a longer fender. Just keep it from getting sprayed okay?
Features & How to use it
  • commuting, errands around town, S24O, hard to steal

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a little different than the picture March 21, 2015
Reviewer: Ben from Fort Wayne  
Instead of a USB socket on the switch body, the current version has a short permanent cable to a sealed connector, and a short USB converter cable to plug into the permanent one. No leaky switch socket.

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If you want the BEST light, this is it. May 22, 2014
Reviewer: PABLO RAMOS from GARDEN GROVE, CA United States  
This is sooo much more than just a headlight. It makes riding at night much less daunting because you know that there's almost a zero chance of not being seen by traffic. Coupled by a Toplight tail lamp this is the best lighting system available - hands down. The charging function is not a gimmick, it actually works quite well. Yes, it's expensive but you get what you pay for. The daytime modes are excellent to add a little bit of extra visibility  during twilight hours and the light switches automatically when it senses darkness. I can't say enough good things about it...

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Yep July 9, 2013
Reviewer: Chris from Denver-ish  
All the gushing about this light is completely justified.  Brighter than the headlights on my Subaru.  Excellent side illumination.  Keeps the camera charged.

Pair it with a SON and a Toplight Line, then go ride in the dark.

Only caveat is that the flash-your-brights-at-someone mode takes about a half second to respond.  Handy, but a bit more limited than some of the discussions would imply.

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