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All of the brakes we stock are powerful enough for all of the riding we do---on roads and trails, even steep and long and loaded up with gear, in most weather. But if you ride super slimy trails and weigh a lot, disc brakes work well. Disc brakes also make some sense for year-round wet weather commuting.

But most of us here commute year round in all weather (including wet weather) with the brakes we sell, with no problems at all. Also, all of our brakes of a certain type (sidepulls, cantilevers…) are up to the task. The main differences are price and clearance, which affects how bigga tire you can fit, and will a fender go, too?

In this way, cantilevers and V-brakes always beat sidepulls and centerpulls, but the extra clearance they offer is a moot point if (1) you don’t need tires that big and will ne’er ride them; or (2) your bike doesn’t have the brazed-on pivots they require.

Any brake will work lousily if the set-up is bad, cables are bad, there’s friction between cable and housing, or the brake pads are old, hard, low-friction, or the rim is greasy or fouled with old brake pad material, dirt, or something sticky.

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