How much is my shipping?

We offer free shipping on most orders over $150. Nope, make that $75. As of June 5th, 2014 we're caving to the pressure of internet commerce. So long as your order is not oversized (bikes, frames, wheels, rims) and you don't live in Hawaii, Alaska, or a different country, orders over $75 get free SurePost shipping. Orders over $150 get free UPS Ground shipping. SurePost is a slightly more economical shipping method that is picked up here at RBWHQ by our UPS driver, then delivered by your local U.S. Postal Service mailman. UPS drops it off at your local post office.

There are exclusions for the following gangly, oversized items: frames, bikes, wheels & rims. But for everything else, once you hit $75 the free shipping kicks in at checkout. If your order comes to $74 before tax and shipping you can donate a buck to one of our charities to get you over that amount. There's a link to the donate button right there in the cart. Be sure to choose the free shipping option, instead of say the $35 overnight.

Under $75 and the following rates apply. Compared to our shipping rates might seem expensive, but our shipping department is top notch, and we lose at least a buck or two to UPS on most packages at these rates.

For all U.S. orders that aren't oversized, here are our shipping options and rates:

$8 UPS SurePost (UPS delivers to your nearest post office, USPS delivers the package to your door.) <--choose this method if you have a PO box.
$10 UPS Ground.
$16 UPS 3-day.
$22 UPS 2-day.
$FREE in-store pickup. <--- Please note: this is only available for those who are going to come to RBW HQ and pick up their items. If you live far away and choose this as a sneaky way to get out of paying for shipping, your order will be delayed or might not go out at all.

We are based in the Bay Area. If you live on the West Coast, you should receive your items in no more than 2-5 days via UPS Ground, or 3-7 days via UPS SurePost (mail). If you live on the East Coast, you should receive your items in 5-7 days via UPS Ground, or 6-10 days via UPS SurePost (mail). If you need an item more quickly, no problem-- simply choose UPS 3-day, UPS 2-day, or UPS Next Day Air at checkout. Expedited orders that are placed by noon-ish Pacific Time will go out same-day. We check often, but if it's, say, 3:30pm and you haven't received confirmation that your expedited shipment has shipped and you're starting to get nervous, go ahead and give us a quick ring.

If you live in a crummy area and theft is a problem, please let us know and we'll see to it that your items require a signature. On orders less than $400, we typically don't require a signature. On everything else, including wheels, frames, and complete bicycles, we must require a signature. No matter what. We cannot afford to replace your bike if it's stolen from your porch-- and it might get stolen from your porch even if you live in the safest neighborhood in America. If you won't be home when UPS delivers, let us know. There are alternatives. We can deliver to your work. We can deliver to the workplace of your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend/cousin/brother/sister/etc. We can deliver to a friend or family member's house. We can deliver to your favorite LBS (though you should check in with them first). We can ask your nearest UPS warehouse to hold onto the bike until you can pick it up. Please, just let us know, and we'll figure something out. It just can't be left without a signature.

Oh, and one more thing: please be sure that the address you ask us to ship to is correct and complete. Double-check before you submit your order that you've included all the items you'd like, and that your address is complete, otherwise your order is subject to delays or additional charges for re-routing.

If your U.S. order is oversized, these are the shipping rates:

$20 shipping for rims, up to 6. $30 for 7 or more.

$25 for one or $40 for two.

$55 to California
$65 West of the Mississippi
$75 East of the Mississippi

$110 to California
$150 West of the Mississippi
$160 East of the Mississippi

Bicycles, frames, wheelsets, and oversized items can only be shipped via UPS. No exceptions, sorry.

International orders that aren't oversized

$35 to Canada.
$50 to Everywhere Else.

These prices do not include additional duties and fees that your country might charge you. You are responsible for those. Yes, we know this is expensive, but it generally costs us much more than this to get your items to you. Plus, these are flat rates, so feel free to make the most of your order. Please don't write to ask if we'll ship smaller items for cheaper methods (this never tends to work well, and these items often end up going missing).

International orders that are oversized:

Prices vary. Inquire within.

Have more questions? Please visit the Help Section. If you still can't find what you're looking for, contact She'll provide estimates on shipping oversized items internationally, and she happens to be pretty nice, to boot. Wondering if we ship to your country? The answer is, "PROBABLY!" Shipping bicycles abroad tends to be quite expensive, but such is the case with large, multi-thousand-dollar-highly-valueable packages. Our bike packers are very good at what they do. In the last three years, we can count on one hand the number of times a bicycle has been damaged by UPS-- in fact, we can count on one finger! So if you're on the fence whether or not to take the plunge to drop $300-$600 for the price of shipping a bicycle to your country, know that we go out of our way to make sure the bike makes its way safely to you.