What you get when you get a Rivendell

ride • clearances • safety • beauty • comfort • usefulness • longevity & value

  1. A great ride. All of our bikes corner easily at high speeds, are easy to maneuver at low speeds, and are reassuringly stable on loose and bumpy roads, with camping gear, and in the wind. We ride bikes in all of those conditions, and these are the bikes we ride.

  2. Accommodating clearances. Before the material becomes a frame, we make sure you have clearance for the parts you want to use, the tires you want to ride, and fenders. You don’t even need to know what’s important, how to get it, or what clearances you’ll need. We’re ahead of you (being in this business, that’s to be expected), and we know what works and what’s right.

  3.  Safety. All of our frames and forks are CrMo steel. It’s light enough, it’s plenty strong, and it’s super safe.

  4. Beauty. The frames are lugged, the forks have gorgeous crowns, and the fork blades are tapered and nicely bent. By modern standards, the tubes are skinny, which adds to an overall look of slender elegance that belies the frame’s toughness. Every model has a real head badge, not just a decal; and the decals are minimal and tasteful.

  5. Fit & Comfort. If you buy the frame size we recommend and equip it with any of our recommended stems and bars—we have so many options—then you’ll be more comfortable than you’ve ever been on a bike. We have a remarkably and sometimes disconcertingly simple way to size and fit you on a bike. It requires three dollars-worth of tools, takes thirty seconds, costs nothing, and is unequalled in results. We’ve done it this way for 17 years. It cannot be improved upon.

  6. Versatility. Usefulness. Most bikes, especially most high-end road bikes, are one-trick ponies that are out of their element on a rough road, in bad weather, carrying gear, or — well, anytime they’re not being raced. Our bikes are three- to six-trick ponies. If your riding needs change, your Rivendell will adapt & not miss a beat.

  7. Longevity & value. A modern carbon road bike costs a lot and should be retired after five years of hard riding, if not sooner. Our frames and forks are made to last twenty, thirty, forty years, and be safe the whole time. A RIVENDELL—any model—is a better bike and a way better value. If you quit riding in twenty years, you’ll probably be able to sell the frame for close to what you paid for it, and confident that it’ll be good for another ten or even twenty years.

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