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STOCK WHEELS: Pairs only

RIM: Velocity Atlas*
HUB: Velocity Sport with steel Shimano cassette body
SPOKES: DT Swiss Stainless Steel 14/15 double-butted

Our Rivendell "Stock" Wheels, hand-built for us in Michigan by Velocity, the rim maker. Velocity also has a wheel-building department that makes wheels by hand to degrees of precision and consistency that only best solo artists can equal, but few to none can exceed.

No kidding. We've put the world's best spoke tension meters on Velocity-built wheels, jotting down the spoke tension for each spoke, and have been astounded at the consistency. Plus or minus less than 5 percent? Holy moly, nobody needs 'em that close, but Velocity delivers them that way. Consistent spoke tension trumps perfect roundness and wobble-freeness when it comes to wheel durability. These wheels are excellent.

The RIMS are Velocity Atlas, designed to our specs after considerable experience and a X amount of dissatisfaction with other rims. The ATLAS is a no-monkeybusiness rim with more metal in the places that rims tend to fail or get worn out. The spoke bed is thicker. The braking surface, at 1.6mm, is ten to forty percent thicker than that on many popular rims. There's more height in the braking surface, too, for more strength and easier brake adjustment. Most rims are designed to hit a specific weight, and critical material is removed until that weight is achieved. On the Atlas, the dimensions drove the weight, so you know the weight is fine, correct, and right.

If Velocity runs out of ATLAS rims, we may sub its AEROHEAT/DYAD model. That is a good one, too.

The HUBS are Velocity Sport. Sealed, smooth, and with a track record that inspires our full confidence in them. They're not Phil Wood quality, but for a daily, get-around wheel and for any kind of riding you might do, they will...go along for the ride without squawking. If this seemingly sub-lavish praise gives you pause, you can always get custom wheels with fancier hubs, but listen: These are excellent. We like 'em and ride 'em ourselves.

The SPOKES are DT (Swiss brand) double-butted stainless steel, with chrome-plated brass nipples—the same as used on the best wheels in the galaxy.

QUICK-RELEASE SKEWERS are included; rim tape is not.
Get 18mm to 22 mm wide rim tape.

We specifically request that the ATLAS rim's sidewalls not be machined. Machining sidewalls evens them out and marginally improves braking, but at the cost of pre-wearing them out before you ever ride them. The benefit is that, if there's a slight lip at the rim's seam, it will be machined off and smooth, so you might not feel a "tick" as it passes through the brake pads.
We want to keep the 1.6mm braking surface at full thickness, even if there's a 2 percent (or whatever) degradation of perceived braking performance.

This is a case where we count on you to understand what is actually going on, rather than just cry foul if you feel a slight "tick" as the seam runs through the brake pads.
And if that happens, scrub the seam with sandpaper.

If the possibility of a slight "rim tick" as it passes through the brake pads while you're braking is going to ruin your ride, then ride machined rims. We offer many wheels with machined rims, but our stock wheels have Atlas rims that aren't—and they're groovier because of it.

Velocity-USA Wheel Department, are now available in 32- or 36-spoke, 26" (559), 650B (584) and 700c (622) sizes. This new line of wheels features Velocity Sport hubs, Velocity Atlas* non-machined-sidewall rims, laced 3-cross with DT Swiss stainless-steel double-butted 14/15/14g spokes.

Sold as sets only, and with no changes in parts or configuration.

Shipping is $40 for the set.

*Depending on availability. Velocity Aeroheat/Dyad if Atlas rims are out of stock.
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